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It wisnae me by Alex Chen.

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It wisnae me by Alex Chen 03/08/02 Although it happened three years ago, I can still remember it very clearly. That was the first and only time that I got wrongly accursed for some thing big. I got blamed for stealing some one's mobile phone. It was about three years ago. I remember it was right after the half term holidays of the summer term. Every one went home apart from me, I stayed in school for the whole of that half term holidays. Everyone came back to school at about nine o' clock that evening. I was on my bed checking my emails. Everyone else was unpacking. "Has any one seen my mobile phone? I left it here during half term! It's very expensive and I would like to have it back!" said Michael. No one said any thing, we just assumed that he had misplaced it somewhere and that he will find it soon or later. Half an hour later, Michael came up to me ad asked me if I have taken his phone. I replied to him with the answer no, but he didn't believe me. ...read more.


I only stayed there because my mum went to France for her job, and I had no where else to stay. Everyone was pointing at me and calling me a thief. No one was on my side, not a single person. At this point I burst in to tears, and ran to my bed and covered my head with the cover. I cried for almost an hour. But no one came and no one tried to help me. There was a check for all boarders at ten, but I didn't go. Michael went and told the head master, Mr. Alexander about it. I don't know what he said to him but Mr. Alexander seemed to believe him at the time. It was about quarter pass ten; Mr. Alexander came around to our dorm to do the 'lights out'. I was still crying at the time, he came near my bed and asked me if I had taken Michael's phone. I didn't answer him. I couldn't trust any one at the time. All I wanted to do was to go home, to get away from school, to get way from all those horrible children. Mr. Alexander knew that I wouldn't talk to him. He knew that there was some thing wrong. ...read more.


Everyone was complaining how they had to waste their time on searching for some thing that I had already stolen, according to Michael. But the good news came the minutes later. It must have been one of the best moments in my life. Michael came in the dorm with the phone in his hand, and said that he misplaced it in his school bag. He said it so quietly that we could hardly hear him. He couldn't even look at me in the eyes, his face was pointing down. Mr. Alexander made him apologize to me, and he did so. We shake hands and he asked me if we would still be friends. I said to him why not since that all the problems were solved. I didn't blame him after he had found the phone and proofed that I was innocent. If I were in his situation I would have probably done the same. The head master looked at me and smiled. I never felt better. He turned the lights of and said good night to us. I slept really well that night and had a really nice dream. The huge pressure that I had was finally gone. Michael was really friendly to me after what happened. We became best friends. Since then I never got accused for any thing that I didn't do again. ...read more.

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