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Its my Business

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It is my business. As I looked outside the window, the sunlight fell on my face. As it warmed my face; I closed my eyes. All of a sudden it went black under my closed eyelids; my face went cold again. As I opened my eyes I saw black clouds form out of nowhere, blocking the sun. As I looked around I saw a huge black jeep sitting there on the road. I saw them they're coming! I could hear their footstep - thump, thump, thump - feet heavy like an elephant. I could feel my heart pounding like I've ran a mile. Thinking to myself "what should I do. Hide? Run away?". There was no time, I had to hide. I run as fast as possible, like a dog chasing behind me. I run upstairs in my room and into my wardrobe leaving a little gap to hear what happens and what they do. Suddenly I hear baam! They've broke the door open and started searching for me. ...read more.


Everything is broken... My T.V screen is halved, my fridge is upside-down. I see my wife surrounded by the four men. One of the men is pointing a gun at my wife's head and keep asking about me. "Tell me where is he, this is da last time im gonna ask ya, tell me or ill blo ya", he shouts and keep hitting he with the gun. "I told you I don't know", she cries. I couldn't see her getting hurt, but I'm helpless. I didn't notice but I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass and it made a loud noise. All the four men and my wife look up at me. I'm thinking to run out as fast as I can, but as I was; something stroke my brain and I saw a picture. A picture of my wife, smiling ad laughing in those happy days we had. The man with the gun at me. "Come here now!". he shouts at me. ...read more.


The blood washed away from my face. The men were talking to someone on the phone. I could only hear the roaring rainfall. I remembered all those good time we had. When we were having our yam. We went out for a holiday and she was really happy. I close my eyes with her smiling face in my eyes. After a long time, I'm in agony pain because they've tied me hard. They pick me up and throw me inside the jeep; and slam the door. As they all get in I watch my wife cry and cry. The man who is sitting next to me calls someone. He says "Yh we got him. What shell I do wive him? Mmhha. Mmhha". After talking for a miniut he starts putting a big belt around my stomach. After a while he started pressing buttons on the belt; by this time I knew what it was. A bomb! By this time they were driving around 80mph. He opened the door next to me and was holding a knife. I knew what he was going to do. I smiled at him; closed my eyes and remembered the good times I had. Then suddenly... ...read more.

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