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J.B Priestly "An Inspector calls" 1945

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21ST Century Drama J.B Priestly "An Inspector calls" 1945 In class we have been studying the play "An Inspector Calls" written by J.B Priestly in 1946. Priestly was an actor and a writer he was politically inundated man. Priestly was a socialist, and had very strong opinions of how people were acting and couldn't understand how humans had turned the world into such a mess and he knew this mess was rapidly increasing. He wanted to do something about this, after WWI he wrote "An Inspector Calls" to try and get people to stop and think about a few thing. Capitalism, equality, abuse of power, snobbery and also wanted people to start taking responsibility for there own actions. The play was written by Priestly as an aid for people who were too arrogant to listen to what people like Priestly were trying to say. Priestly also strongly believed that during the war people really pulled together and worked together to get through the war, this was the kind of society he wanted where the rich and the poor pulled together to make a better community. ...read more.


When Eva got sacked from Birling and company she went and worked at a little store called Milwards. One day Sheila went shopping with her mother and because she wasn't in a great mood she decided to take it out on Eva. She saw Eva Smith holding up a dress in front herself. Straight away Sheila got extremely jealous because she looked better in this dress than she did. So she complained about Eva and got her sacked from there, as well. This act was disgraceful and it was also as if she treated Eva like an animal. Gerald Croft is the son of lord and lady Croft and is planning on marrying Sheila. Arthur really likes the idea of his daughter marrying Gerald but for all the wrong reasons. He sees it as a business opportunity with lord and lady Croft. Gerald also plays a part in the death of Eva he met her at the Palace Bar which was a hangout for prostitutes. He kept her as his mistress but when things got too much he finished it and she was left with nothing again. ...read more.


In fact this makes all the difference". What he means in this line is what he had done to this girl didn't matter anymore because they wasn't going to get found for it. Sheila tries to make them aware that it does still matter and that they had still been bad people. All Arthur was worried about was his reputation he didn't care that what he did may have caused a girl to take her own life. I agree with J.B Priestly. After all the material I have read and studied the way the people were in those days I could see where he was coming from. He didn't want people to be blind to what they was doing to the society with there arrogance and there snobbery he wanted everyone to pull together as one and live equally to provide a better community for each other. The attitudes that certain people were portraying are the sort of attitudes that cause wars and conflicts even today. This a little something J.B Priestly wrote shortly after WWI. "We had a glimpse then of what life might be if men and women freely dedicated themselves not to their appetites and prejudices their vanities and fears but some great communal task". "Journey into Daylight" J.B Priestly Written By Sean Penny ...read more.

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