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Jack of All Trades

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Lauren Minchella AP English Language Mrs. Provost Final Term 3: Personal Narrative June 7, 2007 Jack Of All Trades "Mom can I have a dog?" I cannot tell you how many times those six words came out of my mouth, almost everyday since about second grade I asked my mom for a puppy. Once when I was in fifth grade, my mom let me take home one of my aunt's dog's puppies. But at the end of the day she made me take it back. I was so close to getting what I had wanted for years. I had named the dog and everything, and as you can tell it still upsets me to this day. You're probably thinking, "Eh, every child wants a dog or some sort of pet, it's really not that serious." Oh but it was, I became obsessed with the idea of a puppy, every time I saw someone else with a new puppy or even an older dog I became jealous to the point of tears. It's not like I never had a dog, when I was born we had two, Buster, and Sheena. ...read more.


We looked and looked, the first one we decided on ended up being sold already, so we finally decided on another dog, he was from Texas, and named KC. He came from a puppy mill, and when we got him he just didn't seem right, we were worried. At the airport we expected him to run right out into our arms like Zo�, but that's not quite what happened. He hid in the corner of his crate and cried, he seemed so afraid, we walked him to the car and I cuddled him in my arms, it was late, almost midnight, and I was worried how him and Zo� would react to each other. He didn't seem like a social type dog. When we got him home and put him down, he wiggled and squirmed, him and Zo� sniffed each other and from that second they were inseparable, but Dash (which is what we named him, after a character in the Disney movie, The Incredibles,) just still wasn't right, he had a swollen bee sting on his arm, and after taking him to the vets we discovered he had three different typed of worms in his belly. ...read more.


Dash will nudge and nudge until you let him under the blanket. They love, love, love to cuddle. Which is good, because so do I. They keep you warm in the winter, which is good since Zo� chewed the wire to the heater on the blanket, and the couch, so neither work. Okay two crazy dogs...the point of this is? I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it, promise. These dogs have actually kept me sane. I'd have the longest day ever, but I know I could come home and have two amazing dogs jumping on me and kissing me. No matter what I need, I can turn to my dogs, if I need to play, or just cuddle. Zo� is like the dog version of me she can be hyper, loud, loving, all at once. She'll be angry one minute and kissing and loving you the next. She can't stay mad, kind of like me. Having these two amazing dogs has kept me sane. I'm no longer alone and bored all the time. They may be a pain sometimes fighting to leave in the morning, eating underwear, stealing socks and remotes. But I know at the end of the day I have two creatures that love me unconditionally. Lauren Minchella 1 ...read more.

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