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"Jack should have been elected leader in the first place." Do you agree with this?

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Lord of the Flies Coursework "Jack should have been elected leader in the first place." Do you agree with this? This question is answered in different ways in different areas of society depending on whether the person asked is left or right wing. Therefore the answer can go either way. Where power should be placed in a society is obviously at the heart of the issues affecting leadership. It is debated whether it is best for the majority to decide for the minority, or for the minority to decide for the majority.Jack has an obvious fascination with power from his entering the novel. He is described as being "the boy who controlled" the choir. His militaristic control over the choir is illustrated when he marches into the assembly of boys with an air of arrogance and his "cloak flying". He also assumes control of the entire group and indeed the entire island by saying "I ought to be chief...because I'm chapter chorister and head boy". This assumption of leadership is possible to be viewed as a good quality because it shows that he is willing to take control of whatever situation comes around. ...read more.


Although Ralph does become leader, he does not directly represent democracy in the way Piggy does. Piggy protects the conch and was worried for it when Ralph used it as his "plaything". Jack was in direct conflict with Piggy when he "held the fragile thing...with sooty hands" showing a complete disregard for the democratic meaning Piggy invested in it.From the start, Jack not only identifies Piggy as a fat unpleasant boy, but as a threat to his power. When Piggy tried to speak on top of the mountain, Jack was the first to try to disregard the new rule of only speaking when holding the conch. He tried to claw meaning from the different location by saying "The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain...so you shut up". This type of bullying and attack takes place on many occasions Another of these occasions is when he wanted to light the fire. As soon as Piggy drew attention to himself, he "pointed suddenly" and shouted "His specs - use them as burning glasses!". ...read more.


This is the ultimate flaw in Jack's philosophy. He wants to be a despot but cannot be because the ethics that have been drilled into him by his upbringing still exist. Jack should not have been elected leader because he has too much fascination with power and control. Right from his civilised choir army through to his barbaric desire to hunt, he is blinded by his compulsion to organise things his way. If elected leader democratically, Jack would have let his own ideas override those of the boys themselves. A simple example of this is his obvious disinterest in religion. Religion is a powerful tool used by the masses as an excuse for rebellion against dictators as demonstrated by numerous historical martyrs against various regimes. As a chapter chorister and choir leader he should uphold religion, but it is a power beyond his control and one that simply cannot be allowed to exist. He was made leader of the choir by the church and has disregarded his responsibility for religion in place of his despotic commands over the choir. If elected, Jack would have overseen the destruction of the boys on the island just as he lit the fire on the mountain. ...read more.

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