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Jack the Ripper - Why were the police unable to catch the Ripper?

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Jack the Ripper Question 3 There are many possible reasons to why the police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper. Ripper was thought to have been very clever, because he wasn't caught by the police. Jack the Ripper was very careful of what he did and made sure he hasn't left any clues behind for the police to spot. The police wasted their time with false leads by the press and the public. Ripper also attacked randomly so their was no connections established between the victims and Ripper Another reason is that Jack the Ripper was able to move quickly around London to avoid the police. ...read more.


In 1888 the police mainly relied on catching the person red-handed or having their partner turned then in (neither happen in Jack the Ripper's case). Another problem was interference from the public and the press. Too many false leads were given to the police by lying witness, fake letters made mostly by the press. This made it difficult to track down Jack the Ripper. Also there was no forensic science fingerprinting, DNA and blood analysis was not yet discovered. Police tried to use many methods to catch the murderer. ...read more.


He made sure no evidence is left in the scene and managed to blend in the background. He also is able to flee from the murder scene without bringing any attention to himself. Since the Ripper had no connections with his victims, the police didn't know where to start their investigation into the Ripper case. Usually there is a connection established between the murderer and the victim. The police are also inexperienced with this type of attacks, they are unsure of what to do to solve Jack the Ripper's case. In conclusion, when all of this is taken into account it is hardly surprising that the police was helpless to catch Jack the Ripper. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hussein Hassan ...read more.

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