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Jacob and the Crystal

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Bryn Archbold English course work set 1 Jacob and the Crystal Living in the Bronx of New York was probably one of the hardest and toughest moments of my life especially when my mom lost her job and the family started to fall apart. So something had to be done and obviously as you can guess I Jacob Holmes was the one who had to do something about it, and that I did but the strange and funny thing was that it seemed as if it was a fairy tale, a fairy tale that I had heard when I was younger as a boy and had imagined to be true. It was May 1994 and summer was on the way, I couldn't wait as this year Jamal one of my friends that I grew up with in my street was old enough to drive and we were going to go to the beach and everything but then something happened, my mom was working in the local super market and it wasn't exactly great pay but it was keeping us by and suddenly the super market decided that they had employed to much staff and that she was one ...read more.


Any ways Christmas wasn't far away and I needed the job so I called up Tristan my working partner and told him and explained to him about the mansion he signalled ok and we started to prepare for this mysterious hunt. After a few weeks of planning the night came for the job. It was 12;30 in the morning and I met up with tristen who had the gear and the equipment to get in. we drove up the creepy drained path as trees looked over us as we slowly enter'd as the shadows creeped across the car. I got out and headed for the door, tristen got the gear and followed. I pulled out my pics and reached for the door lock as the excitement reached across my mind and the hesitation grew upon my nerves. I picked the lock and slowely moved in as riches and ornaments twinkle in my eyes, I moved into the kitchen as silence suffercated my ears. I moved into the dining room and turned as my eyes reached around the room. And then it sat there as my body froze and my nerves leaked into sweat. ...read more.


I carried on as the engine behind roared like a lion as I felt like the prey I came to a road sign saying "no entry end of road" I blanked out as my life rushed before myself as speed gained and gained I awoke to to flashing lights glazing ahead coming closer and closer I slammed the wheel right as I thrusted the handbrake up and spun into the skirts of the road. I looked behind as the roaring engine glided off the edge of the end of the road and smashed into the over grown grass and rubble that laid beneath the towering bridge. I pulled up home as Tristan and I quietly moved on in silence as both of us new that that night would haunt us for the rest of our lives. Months went by along with Christmas along with years and days eventually I heard Tristan got locked up, me myself I am working, not as a creeper as the haunting remains upon my conscience, I'm working in a sports shop stoking shelves and serving customers its not the greatest job as I realise but it keeps me going along with the money of the sparkling glazing diamond. The End. ...read more.

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