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Jake - creative writing.

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Jake I pushed off onto the ice; whoosh! I felt alive. I looked around at children laughing and falling, young lovers skating round and round, hand in hand. I turned to see Jake gliding toward me, a look of boyish glee on his face. I smiled and took his out-stretched, gloved hand in mine. We lapped the frozen lake together in synchrony, talking, laughing and generally showing off, when Jake decided to show me, and everyone else on the opaque ice, what he was made of. He sped off, jumping and twisting like half of Torville and Dean, receiving many admiring glances as he landed, sure-footed, back on the ice. "Bet you can't beat that!" he laughed across to me, his heavy breathe coming out cloudy in front of him. I couldn't ignore a challenge like that. I flew across the ice as though I had sprouted wings, oblivious to the cheers and shouts around me. I jumped, twisted, pirouetted and twirled elegantly, breathing in the sweet, pine-scented air. Torville was always the better half of the skating partnership. I skated back toward Jake, a triumphant smile flitting across my face. All at once the ice gave way beneath me; I didn't even have time to scream before a chasm opened up, swallowed me whole and the freezing water surrounded me. A memory flashed; this had happened before. I was only six then but the same fear I had then burned through my mind and numbed my body. ...read more.


As they did so, I noticed that Jessie had glistening, held back tears in her eyes and she turned her head away as they left together. I slept for the rest of the day slipping in and out of dreams as my mum vigilantly sat beside my bed. The next morning I was allowed to go home. "You feeling ok, love?" asked my mum as she leaned across the car for a hug but I shrugged her off. "I'm fine thanks, mum; let's just get home, eh?" As we reached the main road mum questioned my sullen behaviour. "Are you sure you all right, love? You've hardly said a word." "I'm fine, it's just that Jake hasn't called or come to see me in hospital. Doesn't he care?" Mum's eyes welled up and silent tears started to run down her face. She slowed down as her vision was blurred. I am no longer a child but when a parent starts crying you begin to worry. "Mum?" She just shook her head and continued driving in silence, along the slippery winter roads. When we pulled up to the house I got out of the car, stumbling toward the house in my eagerness to ring Jake. As mum followed me in she asked, "What do you want to do now, love?" with a tight, hollow smile on her face. "I'm just going to ring Jake for a chat. ...read more.


They were my means of escape and one-way ticket to wherever Jake, my love, my life, was. It was so simply, quick and easy really. Why did I not think of it before? Why had I waited all this time and put all my friends through hell? Two packets of tablets later, nice, small pink ones each one bringing me closer to Jake I slipped into unconsciousness waiting to see the light I'd read about in magazines. But there was no light, only pain as the paramedics pumped the drugs out of my stomach. Mum crying again and angry at me for so selfishly wanting to waste my life in this way. Not that I cared then, but that was then and this is now. Waking up in the hospital once again, I felt the weight of depression that had pulled me down, like my clothes and boots under the ice, had lifted from me. I knew nothing would ever replace Jake and that my life would never truly be whole without him in it but somehow, some way after two close encounters with death I had seen a light and realised that life was a precious gift not to be wasted. It was different leaving the hospital with mum this time, knowing I was going home to start afresh. This time, instead of calling Jake, I went to say goodbye carefully putting all the things he had given to me in the box before sliding it under my bed. End Suzie Berry 10C 2,532 words. 1 1 ...read more.

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