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Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre Social protest is an act of express opposition through words to do with social issues. This is what charlotte Bronte did by writing this book, 'Jane Eyre'. Mainly Charlotte Bronte was protesting against the position of middle class women, social inequality between the rich and the poor and marrying above or below status. These issues were very important in the Victorian times. Charlotte Bronte was very critical of the Victorian society. To her everything was not fair. The book 'Jane Eyre' is based on a true-life story. It is just like a reflection of Charlotte Bronte's life and the way she was treated. People were divided into different classes: upper, middle and lower class. All these classes were treated differently and unfairly. The upper class were the highest of the classes; they were treated with the most respect and honour. Middle class then was divided into, upper and lower middle class. Upper middle class were treated more or less the same as upper class individuals, they were respected and people below them obeyed them. Lower middle class middle class mostly consisted of orphans who were dependents; people who were of a higher class then raised them. Working class was the lowest class of them all; the majority of them were treated like slaves, and were not given any self-respect. ...read more.


This makes the reader feel how a locked red room is. The way that Bronte has written about the Red Room it paints an imaginary picture of a dark red room with a large bed and two large windows. The reader can imagine this to be stately. When Jane is sent to the red room because of her behaviour. Charlotte Bronte is using this to try and describe how her life was. Red alerts you to a sense of danger and blood. This is used to mean that Jane was in danger and needed to be free. This also brings back the sense of the gothic theme. Jane Eyre can be described as many things. Romantic, sad, happy etc. but one of the most common descriptions of this novel is 'gothic fairytale'. This is a popular genre used in many novels such as Dracula and The Woman in White. In my opinion this is an accurate description of the novel. In chapter 3 Jane is really rebellious because john called her a poor child and Mrs Reed as well. Jane does not see herself as a poor child because she believes one day she will not be in the situation she is in. Just like a fairytale. Mrs reed doesn't even think that Jane is equal to the servants. She assumes that Jane is lower than the servants and has very low status. ...read more.


If Rochester hadn't done what he had, Bertha would have had to be locked up in a special hospital where she would not be well looked after. In the times of this novel it was very hard to get a divorce, so Rochester locked her up on the third floor, instead of sending her to the special hospital. She was a lot better looked after at Thornfield Hall. Jane was sent to the red room as a punishment for being rude to the Young Master Reed. If Jane didn't live in Gateshead she would have been sent to live in an orphanage where she will be poorly treated. One similarity is that Jane was locked in the Red Room she was locked away from everybody else who was living at Gateshead. This is similar to Bertha Mason being locked away on the third floor. She also was locked away from everybody at Thornfield. The only differecnce is that Bertha Mason had a maid and Jane did not. Another thing that was different about the two ordeals is that Bertha Mason got locked up for something that she couldn't control and Jane got locked up for something that she could control. Jane had spent only one night locked up and Bertha Mason spent the whole of her marriage to Rochester up on the third floor. There are quite a few differences between the two ordeals. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mary Ewumi ...read more.

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