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Jane Eyre and Gothic Literature

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Jane Eyre and Gothic Literature The first ever gothic novel was written by Horace Walpole in 1765 entitled the castle of Otranto. This genre became popular and inspired great writers such as Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein and Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula. Horace Walpole also inspired painters such as Henry Fuseli. The elements that distinguish a gothic novel to any other genre of novels are the active involvement of mystery horror and violence. Two other famous writers included Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte. In particular I am going to look deeper into Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. In the very first sentence of this novel the gothic elements are made apparent. "It was winter" Winter is very cold and bleak, in winter there are lots of thunder storms, howling winds and thick fog this emplys horror and distress, in films they always set frightening scenes in the dark or in the fog. Also in the opening of this novel Jane's taunts from her cousins are made apparent when she tells us about then laughing at her when she gets tired on their walks. ...read more.


This gives us the effect of dark damp conditions where bacteria thrives and thus making the spread of disease very simple. Many of these children died from the typhus, this brings the thought of demons and ghosts into our heads, What if they all come back and haunt Lowood? Jane then wrote an advertisement for the newspaper searching for a job. Her one and only reply came from a Mrs Fairfax at Thornfield hall. The very name sends shivers down your spine. At Thornfield hall Jane was to be governess for a girl of nine. The morning after Jane arrived at Thornfield she talks to Mrs Fairfax and discovers the past of the child she is about to teach. Her name is Adele Verans she comes from France, when her mother died he promised to look after her. This is a gothic part of the book it brings the picture of death into our view again. We later learn some of the frightening aspects of Thornfield hall, Mrs Fairfax was giving Jane a tour of Thornfield hall and as they approached the top floor the rooms got smaller and darker, then completely out of the blue Jane comes out with "if ...read more.


Roses are often sent as a symbol of hatred, but also as a symbol of love, in this case it is a symbol of misfortune. Mr Rochester went to visit his farm 20 miles away, and the night he was away someone tried to sabotage their wedding, they cut Jane's wedding veil. Jane saw the fiend that was trying to sabotage their wedding, she described it like you would a monster, however Jane was soon to find out who this mystery 'monster'was. This "wild animal" as Jane describes her was bertha mason, M Rochester's mad wife. In the next part of the book, Mr Rochester appears to hate his wife bertha, but when she started a fire at Thornfield he was the on who tried to save her, unfortunately the same tragic end that had happened to a few people in this book striked again, bertha jumped of the roof and was killed instantly, whereas Mr Rochester escaped with being blinded and without his left arm, but most importantly without his love (Jane). This is the end of the gothic novel although the full novel goes on for another chapter, the last chapter is full of happiness, which I am sure u will agree with me, both Edward and Jane deserve. ...read more.

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