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Jane Eyre - Compare and contrast St John's proposal to Jane with that of Rochester's and the effect they have on Jane.

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Jane Eyre Compare and contrast St John's proposal to Jane with that of Rochester's and the effect they have on Jane. In the novel "Jane Eyre" the main character Jane gets involved in some bizarre circumstances. Two not so different men propose to her even though the proposals are very different and elite. St Johns proposal can be characterized as unromantic and oppressing since he practically forces Jane to marry him. From the other hand Rochester's proposal is quite romantic and witty. With a clever way and "games" Rochester manages to propose to Jane and to get the answer he wanted to hear. In St Johns proposal Jane reacts negatively. She refuses and keeps refusing since St John doesn't take no for an answer and he keeps on dragging the proposal. In Rochester's proposal Jane is very passionate. She wants to cry and feels tortured by Rochester's mind games. She also tortures Rochester but at the end she falls in his arms. ...read more.


As St John keeps going on with his proposal, he is "pushing" Jane against a wall and she cant escape. Jane feels powerless and weak. She feels she can't fight him. St John is very unromantic. He doesn't have a husband's heart and Jane acknowledges that making her mote not wanting to follow him to India. Jane keeps thinking the whole matter in her head and comes to the decision of going with St John as his sister. But St John refuses and says their union must be concealed by marriage or it can't exist. St John uses emotional blackmail that tortures Jane mentally. He wants to marry Jane so he can influence her life till her death. The whole thing is a matter of control. The more he speaks the more Jane feels his influence on her. She feels like she cant do anything to escape. St John is arrogant. He strongly believes Jane should become a part of him. This is what he wants and this is how he wants it. ...read more.


Jane is passionate and vehement in this proposal. She is honest to Rochester and tells him why she is so sorry to leave Thornfield. She was never undermined in Thornfield and she felt equal there. Also she is frightened to leave Rochester. Jane in a way explodes here after Rochester teases her. Jane's passionate character is revealed. She points out to Rochester that she is not an automaton a machine. She has feelings too even if she is poor. Mr. Rochester after he debates with Jane to tell her how much she means to him he finally pops the question. Jane then mocks and tortures Mr. Rochester too by telling him she doesn't trust him at all. Rochester's proposal has passion and lots of romance. This is how a proposal should be but also it is an original one like St Johns. Both proposals have unique and elite characteristics. St John bases his whole proposal not on love but God and Rochester teases painfully Jane. Jane's reactions are similar in the two proposals. She is passionate, outspoken and direct in both proposals. ...read more.

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