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'Jane Eyre' is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte in the year 1847. The novel is about a woman, who is giving an account on her life story. The novel 'Jane Eyre' reflects Back to Charlotte Bronte's life.

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'Jane Eyre' written by Charlotte Bronte 'Jane Eyre' is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte in the year 1847. The novel is about a woman, who is giving an account on her life story. The novel 'Jane Eyre' reflects Back to Charlotte Bronte's life. Question: Discuss the differences between the characters, Mr Broklehurst and Miss Temple. How does Charlotte Bronte use these characters to express her views about Victorian values/society? According to the question put forward, Charlotte Bronte used the characters Mr Broklehurst and Miss Temple, from the novel 'Jane Eyre' to make known her views on the Victorian society. This question basically means; interpret the dissimilarities between Mr Broklehurst and Miss Temple, and how Charlotte Bronte uses these characters to articulate her personal views on the Victorian society. During the Victorian era there were a lot of issues. People were divided into different classes: upper, middle and lower class. All these classes were treated differently and unfairly. The upper class were the highest of the classes; they were treated with the most respect and honour. Middle class then was divided into, upper and lower middle class. Upper middle class were treated more or less the same as upper class individuals, they were respected and people below them obeyed them. ...read more.


This shows men of those times were unfair to women. Mr Broklehurst first meets Jane in Gateshead she describes his features: 'A black pillar!......the grim face at the top was like a carved mask,.........a bass low voice,......all the lines of his frame were equally harsh and prim.' (Page 27) Charlotte Bronte gives him these unlighted, sunless negative features because, she wants to express her views on how the Victorian values were, and how they were improper. The depiction makes the readers detest Mr Broklehurst, thus they dislike his beliefs. There is another description give by Jane at Gateshead: 'What a great nose! And what a great mouth! And what large prominent teeth!' (Page 28) Charlotte Bronte has given him these wolves like features because; she is referring to the fairytale 'Little red riding hood' and the 'Big bad wolf', presenting Mr Broklehurst as the 'baddie'. On the other hand Miss Temple's features are the complete opposite of those of Mr Broklehurst: 'Tall, fair, and shapely,......beaming brown eyes,......her hair, of a very dark brown, clustered in round curls,......her dress, also in the mode of the day, was of purple cloth,......a complexion, if pale, clear' (page 44) Charlotte Bronte gives Miss Temple a Light and fair image because; she wants to convey a positive reaction by the readers to Miss Temple/Charlotte Bronte. ...read more.


Whereas Mr Broklehurst leaves the school with his family, keeping a clear distance. This again shows him to be a hypocrite. It shows that people in the Victorian times were just like him, only caring about themselves. The reader can also sense the violence of Charlotte Bronte's hatred of hypocrisy. Miss Temple during this period shows how sympathetic she was towards the girls, and how much she cares for them. She showed her compassion and faith towards the girls. The orphan girls at Lowood school love and admire Miss Temple, and dislike Mr Broklehurst and his views. Miss Temple treats the girls fairly, and with respect. This is Charlotte Bronte showing the outcome if people were to be treated equally and with respesct. Charlotte Bronte uses the character Mr Broklehurst to represent the typical of the Victorian era, and the typical Victorian values and beliefs. Victorians of that era were seen as selfish and deceitful. Mr Broklehurst highlights their views. Miss Temple represents Charlotte Bronte and her views. Miss temple represents a modern thinker, who disagrees with the traditional opinions of the Victorian era. The characters Mr Broklehurst and Miss Temple in the novel 'Jane Eyre' were very inspiring. Charlotte Bronte used these characters well, and brought her views carefully and orderly. She should have used other characters to show that not only, Miss Temple shares the same views as Charlotte Bronte, and believes in equality. Nkeonye Ogwuda 10T 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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