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jane eyre ofsted report

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Quality Of The School Itself The quality of the school isn't anything to boast about or to fuss over either. The school seems a well organized and a well educated one. The food is edible from what I have seen although the cook sometimes burns the food then the food is not edible and sickly and the girls go without a meal which means the girls go hungry and can't concentrate. The accommodation is also quite reasonable to stay in. Lowoods Way Of Teaching The lessons that the teachers teach the girls are the basic literacy, numeracy, grammar, French, geography, music and they teach the girls to sew and make their own clothes. Each lesson is an hour long and when the hour has passed they just rotate the room, and the girls work from early in the morning till around six o'clock. ...read more.


a child has naturally curly hair the teachers cut it all off because they think it is a sin against god and the school goes by the rules in the bible and they live by the bible. Their hair and clothes must be plain and modest so that they don't stand out in the world and to satisfy god in the evangelical establishment. The girls are used to verbal and physical punishment because they get it so much from the teachers. If a girl gets ill and catches a disease it is not prevented in any way any of the girls can catch any disease available it is that easy. Discipline And Punishment The girls have to be in order every morning for an inspection by the teachers, their clothes must be plain, cheap and simple their hair must me nothing out of the ordinary so that they stand out. ...read more.


If the girls turn up with insufficient clothes at winter then they get snow put in their shoes as their punishment. The older students usually punish the younger ones just because they have the power to. Aim Of The School The aim of the school is to not get the girls used to luxury and to get used to indulgence but it is to render them hardy and discipline them into patient self-denying girls. Mr. Brocklehurst thinks that if the girls are disciplined and punished then they will grow up to be women who appreciates everything that they get in future life. He hopes that they will learn not to be deceitful and such a pain as he has had to put up with that in their young years of childhood, that is why they had been sent to him to educate because they were deceitful and bad behaved or they were just orphaned. 1 ...read more.

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