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Jane Eyre - Rochester's Proposal and the Wedding.

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As Jane is in the gardens she sees Rochester and he asks to walk with her. He begins to tell Jane that he has decided to marry Blanche Ingram and that he knows of a job in Ireland available. As Jane is listening to what he has to tell her she is not liking what she is hearing, begins to tell Rochester she does not like how far Ireland is from where she lives. Jane and Rochester go sit on a bench underneath a tree and begin to talk more and Rochester tells Jane how he thought they were destined to be sitting there together. Jane is overwhelmed and begins to cry and expresses her love for him and he asks her to be his wife. ...read more.


The night before the wedding Jane tells Rochester of the weird dreams she has been having but he tells her to not worry about them. She tells him in one of her dreams a woman tore off the veil he got her for their wedding and Rochester tells her it must be Grace Poole but he would tell Jane about her after they have been married for one year and one day. Jane is very shaken up and goes to sleep crying. On her wedding day, Jane notices two strangers in the cemetery by the church but doesn?t think much of it but then she notices them sitting in the church. During the ceremony the priest asks if anyone objects and one of the strangers does. ...read more.


It scared her to leave Rochester because she feared she would never find someone that would love and care for her as much as he did but she knew in her heart it was the right thing to do. She becomes poor and homeless until finally a family takes her in where she does not tell them her real name. It is ironic Jane sees Bertha on her wedding day locked in a room, especially after the dream she had of someone ripping the veil off her head. It seemed to be a sign that the wedding was not meant to be. Jane and Bertha are both imprisoned in different senses which makes them very similar. Bertha is locked in a room with someone watching over her because she has gone crazy and desperately wants to escape, Jane wanted freedom but she would be living as Rochester?s mistress which caused her to sacrifice her dignity. ...read more.

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