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Jaws Attack Analysis

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Analysis of Jaws attacks How does the director, Steven Spielberg build suspense and tension for the audience in the opening of the film Jaws? The film Jaws was the first ever block-buster and was released in 1975, which was based on a widely spread and admired novel; well written by Peter Benchley, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The director, Steven Spielberg, is exceedingly famous and is well known for his high budget action/adventure films such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park & Star Wars 3. Spielberg has written, directed, produced and starred in many top films. The film is based around an abnormal sized brute lurking in the calm open seas. The inspiration came from a fisherman who caught a beast of a great white shark weighing in at 4550 pound. His tagline was very appealing and memorable and meant something to people as when people went to see Jaws, to then go on holiday, they did exactly was it said "Don't go into the water". At the very foundations of the film you only see a black screen but in the background you hear the diegetic sounds of the sea. This immediately links to what the film could be about, but then as soon as you observe the actual sea, you go straight underwater as something is swimming through the seaweed which makes the audience prying and anxious to see what's lurking in the water, this is done using a point of view (POV) ...read more.


before she disappears under the water. The audience feel relieved that the pain is all over for her. After all the pain and trepidation witnessed by the viewers, the buoy is in the background again with a long shot (LS) to show the extent of the sea and the unbelievable creature that is living out there at the present time. The eerie silence creates even more tension and suspense because you know what this thing is capable of, yet no-one has witnessed the attack. It remains a grave danger for the public. Steven Spielberg is very good at making the audience relate to the characters and feeling for them. In a dissolve, you leave the night to a bright sunny day at Amity which is a nig tourist town and lives for the money of tourists and the attraction it has and is also the new home to the sheriff Brody. The audience do not have to wait for too long for the second attack. In the Alex attack, you observe Alex walking towards his mother and straight away, it's a tracking shot and you relate to him again like you did with Chrissie. Also, in this scene there are a number of false alerts where Brody is inspecting the water. When a girl screams, Brody shows his emotion on his face for the reason that he knows there is something out there, but has been persuaded to keep the beach open. There is a close up (CU) ...read more.


You saw the real extent of it properly when Hooper, the oceanographer, had to go into the water in the cage. I thought it was a first-class effort because Spielberg used a real shark but he shrunk down the cage so the shark would look bigger than it was made out to be. It is frightening at one point because as the shark is swimming towards Hooper with speed, there is no music so you don't suspect anything, then the brute charges into the cage; destroying anything in it's course. The camera swooped into an extreme close-up (ECU) on Hooper's face to show the fear and emotion in his eyes. There was a contrapuntal sound in the film where the sound goes against your expectations, which gives the film a higher reputation. In Jaws there is also a lot of parallel sound where the music compliments what we see on the screen, this is used a lot in the film where the low thumping leitmotif represent the shark and an attack or when the shark is approaching. The way it was directed got the most attraction and fear that it possibly could and Spielberg knew how to make the audience tense and on the edges of their seats as it still scares people thirty years on from when it was created. Overall it was an outstanding film. The way the camera and the music were used had a big impact on its success. Personally I thought it was a brilliant film and has really got the best impact it could have and this would attract incredible fame to Spielberg's name. ...read more.

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