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Jaws Film Essay

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Jaws - English Coursework. By Leena Patel 10BW The film is called 'Jaws'; this is significant as it represents what the plot of the movie is, as the theme of the movie is about a shark killing people using his jaws (teeth). As well as this, the title shows the genre of the film is horror. Steven Spielberg directed this film, in 1975. The film was the first summer blockbuster and broke all box office records, it also made Steven Spielberg extremely famous and due to "Jaws", he then later began to direct and produce further blockbusters. The movie is set in the small town of Amity (friendship), an island in New England. This is effective because when the shark attacks, it brings more tension to the audience, as the citizens of the town cannot escape, as the sea only surrounds the island. The location, Amity Island, where the movie is set is not real. It was actually filmed in Martha's Vineyard, on the East Coast of America. Music and silence is often used to build tension, to scare the audience. Non-diegetic sound helps by creating extra tension or by setting a mood. For example, the dramatic, non-diegetic sound put over the top of the title sequence scene, helps to build tension, for the audience. This is because that music represents the shark, therefore, when the music comes on again during the movie, the audience would know the shark is coming. ...read more.


For example, there is Alex's mother who is wearing a yellow hat, the man with the dog is wearing a yellow T-shirt, Alex floats on a yellow li-lo and finally, the old man wipes his face, with a yellow towel, when he's talking to Brody. Later in the movie, the audience realises; the yellow barrels are used to represent the shark. Near the end of the scene, a man is yelling out for his dog, Pippin and then there is a close up of the plank of wood, Pippin had in his mouth. This builds tension, as the audience knows, the shark killed the dog and that the shark is coming. Then suddenly, the scene and music changes. Now, the camera is under the sea and only the legs of the children can be seen. The audience is now in the viewpoint of the shark. This brings tension, as we never see the shark, until it is close to the end of the movie. Therefore, the audience doesn't know how dreadful the shark looks. The music is building up faster and louder. The camera gets closer and closer to the legs, of Alex, on the inflatable li-lo. The audience is now very scared, as the shark is about to attack him. Next, there is a wide shot; so the audience can see the horrific attack, due to this, it makes the audience feel shocked and uneasy. ...read more.


As there is only a small boat in the middle of the sea, it makes the audience feel frightened. This is because the characters are not near safety and they can not escape, from the shark. The audience can feel their fear. Also, when the yellow barrels unattached from the shark, the audience feels scared and tension builds up, as they do not know when the shark is about to attack again. Furthermore, later in the scene, Matt Hooper (shark specialist) goes under the sea in a cage, the music starts to build and there is a close up of the shark, when it attacks. This builds tension, as the audience is worried and scared that he might die. Right at the end of the scene, the shark attacks the boat and the boat starts sinking rapidly. This builds up the tension of the audience, as they are scared, as the audience thinks the characters are about to die. In conclusion, I think the scariest moment, in the movie was defiantly the part when they find the fisherman, Quint's boat. Matt Hooper goes under the water and suddenly finds only the head of the body. The reason why, this was so scary was because when he swims under the water, slow classical music starts playing to build up the tension. Then when the head pops-up, a faster high pitched, dramatic, non-diegetic sound is placed over the scene. This is effective because it scares the audience, as it happens instantly. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The writer demonstrates a thorough familiarity with the film and an excellent understanding of the effects used to create and maintain tension in the audience, and, in places, this is effectively reproduced in the writing style. However, the title does not indicate that the subject is limited to this aspect only and the essay is not a complete review. There is no character or plot analysis, for instance. Also, the essay has a good introduction but there is no proper conclusion.

Poor grammatical construction is in evidence and there is frequent unnecessary repetition. Punctuation marks are scattered haphazardly. These patches of weak control detract from some otherwise very good writing and lower the overall grade that can be awarded.

3 stars.

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 26/04/2013

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