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Jaws Media Coursework

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Analyse the way the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in the films Jaws Mustafa Latif In this essay I will be analysing how the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in Spielberg's film, Jaws. I will show that the director has built up suspense and scared the audience in this 1975 production and how he has done this. I will be focusing three scenes which have the most impact on the audience. These scenes will be the title sequence, the opening scene and the lilo attack scene. The plot consists of a mysterious shark attacking the fictional town of Amity. However this film isn't just about a shark and all its victims. There is a whimpering messianic figure that goes by the name Brody, he is the chief police officer in this town. This film is about how he defeats his fears and how he reacts to them. He has a fear of water which isn't ideal when you are trying to stop a shark from consuming the island's citizens and visitors. I will be showing how this and many other factors such as blood (the colour as well as the actual blood), music and the setting contribute to the building of suspense and scaring of the audience. The use of sound in the title sequence is very effective in many ways. ...read more.


This enables the audience to feel like they are there, watching. By doing this the audience feel as though everything is real, that they are actually at beach watching Chrissie running into the water. Just before the attack there is calm, the audience can hear and see the sea washing in and out. This puts the audience at the scene of the uncommitted murder. This puts in the effect of realism, which I think the director has personally added in. The director has made the audience to an unseen crime, because they weren't really there but it's so real, that they think they were. By making it more real, Spielberg can scare the audience more. I say this because the audience is going to fear something that doesn't look real such as a man in shark costume. After a short clip of her swimming, the overture then starts to play (the melody that was in the title sequence). This makes the audience feel that nothing will happen; the audience feel this because they have been led into a false sense of security from the title sequence. They expect a scene with the youth having fun so when they see an attack, it will have greater impact on them. Just before the attack, the director shows us an uncommon and supernatural view of Chrissie's legs. ...read more.


If Brody is scared, the audience should also be scared. This is a very effective technique because it makes the audiences minds link back to more than one past scenes which frustrates and builds suspense in the audience. What also builds up suspense in the scene is when you see Brody's confusion; it builds suspense because Brody is the audience's saviour and if he is confused, what hope is there for the victims, what hope is there for the audience? I also mentioned that Brody is watching out for danger, well what good is he, if jeopardy does come? Brody is afraid of the water; Brody is downgraded from a Messiah to just a protagonist. If I was rewriting Jaws, I would make the main protagonist even more of a scared person, this would make the audience even more worried because they have less hope (as do the people of Amity) of surviving. To conclude I think that Jaws has very cunningly been put together to scare the audience. I think that a lot of the scary films these days relate to Jaws. I think this film is a perfect template to follow when making a scary film. However I do think the movie made some fatal flaws when it tries to put the audience into a false sense of security, I think this because it does it too obviously and to frequently which makes the audience loose interest. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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