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Jaws media coursework

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Jaws Media Coursework. There are many ways that a Director can use tension in films, for example scary music, interesting camera shots, dark lighting, I intend to analyse the way the Director of Jaws creates tension. Jaws is about three men who are looking for a shark which has been killing people, Chief Bro die is the main character in this film he is a police chief who is afraid of water, When the three ...read more.


The music in this film is made up of deep, slow notes that gradually increase in speed and volume. The music warns the audience that the shark is coming. Sometimes the director uses it as a false alarm to manipulate the audience. The music is used in the scene where the two boys are pretending to be the shark this creates a feeling of terror, the audience thinking the boys are about to get attacked. ...read more.


We also don't see the shark until half way through the film which makes the audience interested because they haven't seen the shark yet. No one believes chief Brodie at the start, they all think he is paranoid but the audience know he is telling the truth. There are lots of false alarms in this film like when the woman is screaming in the sea. In reality she is playing with her boyfriend. This makes the audience feel like the shark is close and is going to tank another life. ...read more.

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