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jealous life

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Hannah was with her gang at her best Friend Sara's sleepover. When Sara blurted out "I fancy Chris!" Chris was this really cute boy in their year, who Sara talked about all the time. She would always sit on a seat under trees near the canteen waiting for him. In break times Sara's friends were forced to hang out with Chris and his friends, so she and Chris could talk. Since Hannah was Sara's best friend she ended up spending more and more time with Sara and Chris. After a while Hannah herself started to fancy Chris too. Hannah knew that she needed to get rid of those new feelings she felt towards Chris, because Sara was her best friend. Hannah remembered when she started in their school two years ago, Sara was the first one to welcome her, and they been friends ever since. Sara was very intimidating with her long dark brown hair. She was the type of girl who got what she wanted. She also loved attention, and was never afraid to speak her mind. Sometimes Hannah envied her. Sara bet with the girls in their gang that Chris would be hers before her 15 birthday, which was at the end of the month. ...read more.


Hannah would always call them to check on them but they wouldn't call her back. Hannah got hold of Steph, a girl from their gang, who told her that Sara knew about Chris and her were seeing each other secretly. Steph suggested that Hannah should apologize to Sara and dump Chris, so things could get back to normal. Steph didn't want to see their group split up. All that made Hannah feel guilty, so she gasped for breath, and picked up her phone and dialed Sara's number. She was ringing to explain that she and Chris were in love and that she was sorry if they hurt her feelings. When Sara answered the phone she yelled "Slag! Who do you think you are? I saw you kissing and cuddling Chris in front of me at the cinema." "Sorry we didn't know you were there, we didn't do it to make you jealous" replied Hannah. "You knew I liked him, and was going to make a move on him at the school disco," continued Sara. "I'm sorry", apologized Hannah. "Oh! You're sorry for dating him behind my back?" Hannah paused because she wasn't sorry that she went out with Chris. "Yeah! I thought so, our friendship was meaningless to you" Sara shouted. ...read more.


She felt like he was taunting her. To make matter worse Sara kept texting her cruel and mean things like she was a loser and that Chris never really liked her. In break times at school Hannah got bullied by Sara and the gang everyday. On day they followed her after school throwing stones at her. Hannah was pushed over and punched in the face by Sara. The gang held Hannah down while Sara stamped on her. Hannah slowly felt two years of friendship turn into disgust and hatred. Suddenly Steph yelled "Stop! Enough, Hannah don't deserve this. She used to be our friend, remember!" Sara stopped and then they all ran away, leaving her bruised, all over her body. She lay there wishing she were dead. When Hannah got home that day she burst out in tears and told her mother what had happened. Her mother was shocked to hear what her daughter had been through. Hannah's parents contacted the school, but the school didn't take any action. They said it was Hannah's word against the bullies, even though Hannah had all the bruises to show for it. Hannah's parents withdrew her from the school, and a few months later she started a new school. It went well for Hannah at her new school. She made new friends, but she never let anyone get too close to her. ?? ?? ?? ?? Student: Khadiya Ahmed Teacher: Elaine Efford GCSE English 1 ...read more.

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