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Jealousy is a very important theme in the play A view from a bridge.

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How is the theme of jealousy explored in the play? Jealousy is a very important theme in the play ?A view from a bridge?. Different characters have different ways of expressing and dealing with their jealousy. The theme of jealousy is based on the relationships between the characters in the play. One can?t feel jealousy without experiencing deep feelings of love which can be a very dramatic emotion. By using love and jealousy, the author gives the play a lot of drama, making it so effective. Miller reveals that Eddie and Beatrice have problems with their love life. Eddie cannot relax with Beatrice when he knows that Catherine is out with Rodolfo. He is then pleased to see Catherine back and he can't help but smile at her. This makes the audience think that Eddie fancies Catherine. Beatrice realises the problem and tries to get Catherine out of the house. She wants to spend more time alone with Eddie and in this way she hopes so solve the problem. Eddie deals with his emotions indirectly. He is mainly jealous of Catherine?s relationship with Rodolfo, although there are honour related events which also have links to the feeling of jealousy. ...read more.


Such intentions are deeply hurting for Eddie because he would like to be the one going out with Catherine. Being driven by his feelings of jealousy, Eddie wants to keep Catherine and Rodolfo as close to home as possible so he can casually keep an eye on them, disturb them as much as possible and not allow them to be on their own. Intrusive behaviour is often an expression of jealousy. Another comment that hints Eddie?s deep feelings of jealousy is ?Katie, he?s only bowin? to his passport.? The author points out how Eddie is trying to dissuade Catherine from going out with Rodolfo by showing him up and humiliating him. This is a typical jealous reaction by someone experiencing strong feelings of love. Eddie?s jealousy of Catherine and Rodolfo?s relationship is demonstrated once again when Eddie says ?I don?t see you no more. I come home, you?re runnin? around someplace?. The author suggests that Eddie feels rejected and ignored by Catherine. These feelings are often associated with jealousy. It would only be normal for an 18-year old girl to distance herself from the father figure; however Eddie?s feelings of love for Catherine make him blind for the reality. ...read more.


She controls and mediates most of the heated situations in the play. That is mainly down to her way of dealing with her feelings and emotions. On the other hand Eddie puts off resolving the problem and avoids confrontation, and only takes little measures to hold off the problem. It reminds me of having a leaky pipe. Beatrice would go straight to the problem and fix it once and for all, regardless of the cost, but Eddie would use duck tape to hold off the flood, maybe put a bucket underneath, and avoid discussing the issue because the price of his reputation is too high for him. But at some point, the duck tape loses its stickiness, the bucket eventually overflows and that is when Eddie?s feelings lead to a disastrous flood. Eddie gets caught up in his own web of emotions and he eventually breaks down. The author presents the different characters dealing with their feelings of jealousy in a different way. It shows how deep and serious emotion it is, how easily it can affect and change a person. This is presented through the protagonist Eddie, and how it literally destroys him. I think the theme of jealousy adds a depth to the play; it makes it moving, memorable and very effective. ...read more.

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