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Jekyll and Hyde

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Imagine that Mr Hyde left a "Full Statement of the Case". What Do you think he might have written? This letter is written for anybody who wants to know the story of Mr Edward Hyde. As you will know Dr Jekyll was born in the year 18--. Even as a young person he had professors approaching him for advice. He always worked hard and never did anything that other boys were doing at that age. Thus I was formed. In truth he created me inside him, I would do all the things that he craved but could not, well not if he wanted to keep his reputation. He was an old man and he had not even hit 20 yet! I tried to encourage him to disregard his work and have excitement. Before long I started becoming impatient, the long nights of studying, studying and studying! I started feeling like a trapped animal I needed to be released. I wanted to cause havoc, chaos, and mayhem. I was dying slowly inside. I became a nuisance to him, caused problems and headaches. I tried everything but he just channelled me out! He was too strong! But I knew I would get my chance. He had a weak spot for the nightlife, for the fun, for the drink and especially for the women. Since he was young he dreamed of being married but then studies came into it and marriage went out of the window. Like I was saying, I knew my opportunity would come... I ran through him like the polluted River Thames, dark and poisonous. No one has a conscience; it's really the Hyde in you! As I was saying, I waited like a predator waiting for his moment! One day Jekyll got curious and started having a discussion with his good friend Doctor Lanyon. He was speculating about a scientific way of releasing your conscience. ...read more.


In the end I offer to attend the bank with him when it opens. After staying in his house we travel to the bank and cash in the cheque. I give an intimidating smile and walk off. Maybe now the doctor will give me my own account. It is nearly time for the change. I cannot believe what has occurred tonight! Being prisoner for so long set something off inside of me... As I was walking through the foggy streets of London, the dense smog covered London up like a blanket, leaving it in total darkness. The only source of luminosity was from the miniature gas lamps trying to fight their way out of the darkness. There were cheers and shouting from a drinking palace nearby. I had this sudden urge to go in and enjoy myself. I had been denied all these comforts of life for so long! Anger started swelling up in me getting ready to burst... However, I had to control myself. Then something hit me... Revenge! The doctor has to pay for doing this to me. Maybe he will learn that he cannot just use me when he wants to! I am walking down a street in rapid steps. A gas lamp flickers desperately as the fog surrounds it and closed in like a predator on its weak prey. I took notice of steps closing in on me. Instantly I look at where I heard the rattling of footsteps. And sure enough there is some one approaching me. The old man was taking fast strides. He is a tall, well built and I suppose for women also a good-looking man. The anger inside me resurrects itself once again. The clutch on my stick tenses so hard that it hurts but I ignore the pain and focus on my target. At once something deep inside of me tries to pull away and reason with me! ...read more.


But I could not. All that time I wanted to be rid of Jekyll, but now I yearn for him to survive. I could feel him getting weaker day after day! It was agony, distress and torment. It felt like a part of me was being snatched away from my hands. Do I dare say that I will miss him and that a part of me will be sad? As I am still rapidly trying to construct the liquid remedy while a reek of vinegar circulates the room, a thin voice utters to me "Please Edward, we have to acknowledge our fate." I at once reply "No! We will not be extinguished!" " Dear Edward, this is science. There are always risks to take. I'm not particularly proud of what you did. But you and me have been like brothers and I forgive you. The end has come. Goodbye dear old friend..." He has gone. My dearest, oldest and only friend has passed away. As I approach the end of my journal and the closing stages of my life I wonder if I had not killed Carew, what would the course of Henry's and my life have taken? There were many differences between Henry and me. But the main distinction that stood out was that I was going straight down to the fiery depths of hell, and he would go to God's citadel. Satan would come personally up here to claim my evil spirit. Even though I am on familiar terms with this truth, I cannot help but be petrified. I can hear Poole and Utterson outside; they have come to the doctors' rescue. If only they knew. The truth died with Lanyon, Jekyll and soon with me. I smell the nauseating stench of the laboratory for the last time. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and pour the venom in to my mouth. I instantly feel the toxin run through my veins. Just before I put this pen down I state a fact; the end of Edward Hyde has arrived... By Paris Deacon ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Robert Louis Stevenson section.

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