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Jekyll And Hyde The Musical

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Jekyll And Hyde The Musical The play was preformed in Bristol Hippodrome on the 11th May. The musical was about a doctor, Jekyll, who wants to see the other side of a person's soul. He believed that in every person there is a darker side, the opposite of a person's soul. He believes he has way of seeing this other person. He has an experiment that will enable him to do so but people won't listen to him and knock back his ideas. After his idea being rejected he decides what to do. He takes the potion, and from it emerges as his other double side, Hyde. Hyde is the opposite of Jekyll, and is a cold-blooded murderer. Jekyll and Hyde both know about each other and as Hyde finds out about Lucy he plans to do something about it. Jekyll can't control Hyde as Hyde forms a strong part of him. Throughout Hyde, kills people, one of which includes Lucy, a prostitute whom Jekyll had formed a friendship with. ...read more.


At the end Hyde visits Lucy and kills her. Throughout the play Jekyll constantly changes into Hyde, and as the play progressed the transformation was sudden and at the end the change between them was every second or two as they spoke to each other before transforming. He changes throughout the play because of the potion's effect and he changes without his consent, as Hyde starts to overpower him. There were contrasts between pace between and within scenes. These occurred when Hyde would emerge from Jekyll or the suddenness of the next scene change. The effect this created was to make the scene more alive with what the characters were feeling and what the situation was about. Some changes of paced were specifically linked to characters such as Hyde's would be loud and lively whereas Jekyll's would be more calm and quiet. The changes in pace added to the tension. The set was made up of one floor, which was changed into a bar, a street scene and mostly Jekyll's laboratory. ...read more.


The sound and music produced an atmosphere as it expressed clearly people's emotions as to what was happening. One of the best moments was when Lucy and Lisa sang together. They both had feelings for Jekyll and combined them into one song with each other. The costumes of the characters were suited to them. Jekyll was smart and organised looking whereas Hyde was scruffy and threatening. Lucy's was suited to her but when she met Jekyll she changed a bit as she had feelings for him. When Hyde kept changing more frequently it affected Jekyll's appearance, as Jekyll seemed more worried his appearance would be nervous. The overall success of the play was good. There were some scenes which were better than others, Lucy and Lisa singing together, which lifted the play and improved it. There were parts of the play, Hyde first emerging from Jekyll, which also added to the feeling of the play. The main characters of the play stayed in character and played their parts well. ...read more.

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