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Jekyll & Hyde - duality 3

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Through the whole of the story Jekyll sets out to achieve one goal: to try and separate his good and evil sides. He wants to prove that his friend, Dr Lanyon, and could be called his rival when forgetting their friendship, is wrong. In the final chapter of the book, titled: Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case', refers to his life and the creation of Hyde. He talks about Hyde as if he were another person, having nothing to do with himself at all: '...I saw for the first time the appearance of Edward Hyde'. The more important point to be made here is the idea that Jekyll wants to be famous. Examples would be the ways in which he refers to Hyde as being a discovery ('had I approached my discovery in a more noble spirit'), and his over confident guess that others will follow in his footsteps: 'Others will follow, others will outstrip me on the same lines'-if we look deeper into this sentence, it doesn't just suggest Jekyll being first in a new branch of science, but also that he will be surpassed by cleverer and better thinking physicians than what he already is. ...read more.


and plainly on the face...'- the reader gets the idea that Hyde is very different from Jekyll and is on to a much worse future, that Hyde will gradually interfere with Jekyll's life, and Jekyll will lose control (which in fact he does). Nearing the very end of the book, Jekyll proves that Hyde has taken his ability to control his personalities, which has been washed away, thus brings an unhappy end to his life. '...Half an hour from now, when I shall again and forever reindue that hated personality...' - Jekyll fears that not long after writing his statement, he will once again turn into his monstrous dark side and 'pace up and down' in his 'last refuge'. These words of Jekyll show that he has already locked himself away from the world, and that his last place of safety is where he sits now, not wanting to show his face just in case of transforming unexpectedly, that his obsession and desire has been taken too far. However, when Jekyll eventually changes into Hyde, Poole (Jekyll's butler) ...read more.


both Jekyll and Hyde's different appearances, their ways of life and how they are in fact, complete opposites. Stevenson shows this in exquisite detail by expressing himself in such a way that a clear picture is built up in the reader's mind, which gradually builds up as more and more of the tale is revealed. There is perhaps one weakness in the novel that becomes present mainly in the second part i.e. from chapter 5 onwards. This is the confusing timeline of the story, as sometimes events don't run chronologically, and has to be read carefully to understand the full message that is being brought across. It could be said however, that this only concerns the first-time reader, and when read a number of times, and only when read a number of times, will the novel will be fully valued to its full degree. It is the sort of book that can be picked up and read many times, as the whole novel has brought with it a classic, timeless feel; an essence within itself. This is the reason why 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' will never grow old, and be respected just as much now as what it was nearly 150 years ago. ...read more.

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