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Jenny is an evil step-mother. Like one of those from a fairy tale. She seems to love George but hates children and wants nothing to do with them.

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Death Changes Everything Imogen is a thirteen year old girl. Her family consists of two older brothers, a dad called George, and a step-mother called Jenny. Her grandparents died, when she was a little, except a grandmother on her dads' side of the family called Mary. Her mother also died. Now all she has is a picture which she looks at every morning when she wakes up and just before she goes to bed. Jenny is an evil step-mother. Like one of those from a fairy tale. She seems to love George but hates children and wants nothing to do with them. In front of George she acts kindly towards them and makes an effort to communicate but when he's not around she just ignored them. Jenny is considered completely useless to the three kids. She sits at home watching television all day, she doesn't bother to clean the house or cook and instead she hires a maid and pays her to do the job. This isn't the type of mother role model that Imogen needs. She needs someone who could show her new things like teaching her how to cook complicated dishes for special occasions. Even though Imogen is well-behaved, she still needs a mother to go shopping with, to gossip with and have some mother, daughter time with. All these things could be done with friends but it's different when it's your mother. A mother gives advice that friends might not have experienced yet. George, Imogens' father, plays a big role in her life. ...read more.


Imogens airbag was broken but luckily her seatbelt didn't unbuckle. An ambulance arrived and took them to the busy hospital. Imogen and George were rushed straight into surgery for they had suffered serious head injuries. Unfortunately none of the drunk teens were wearing a seatbelt and received serious injuries. They died before the ambulance got to the scene. Three weeks later, slowly opening her eyes, Imogen found herself in a hospital bed surrounded by family and friends. "What happened to me? Why am I in a hospital? Asked Imogen "Imogen, this is really important, what's the last thing you remember? Asked the nurse "I remember my dad was taking me to school. Then we stopped at a traffic light and he was asking - where is my dad?" When the doctors operated on Imogen, they did the best they could, her injuries where bad and the doctors were not sure whether or not she would be able to remember everything when she awoke from the coma. "I don't know how to tell you this, but your father-" said the nurse "I'll tell her," interrupted Mary, Imogens grandmother, "your father died the day you were rushed into hospital. The surgeons did everything they could but they just weren't able to stop the bleeding" By the time she finished the sentence both of them were in tears. Mary went up to her favourite grandchild and put her arms around her. "It's my entire fault, grandma, it's my entire fault!" Imogen repeated, "I know it is, I asked him to drive me to school, if he hadn't got in the car to take me to school, he would still be here! ...read more.


Lucky for everyone there, she had no family, so all they had to do was bury her in the cemetery at night. This was too much for Imogen. The death of the little girl made her remember the death of her dad. She realised that taking drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol wasn't the way to deal with death. She had to face death and just get over it. "I'm not going to come here with you any more," Announced Imogen. "Why not?" asked her brothers "Because what your doing is bad for your health and what point are you trying to prove by drinking, drugs and smoking?" There is no point to prove, it makes us feel good and you should know, you've tried it for yourself and you know the pleasure it gives you." "There's no pleasure in this if there is a risk of dying. I will give up." "It's not as simple as it sounds. You go through a lot of pain when you try to give up. Are you sure you're ready?" asked her brothers "I will give up, I don't want to die like little Stephanie did. The only reason I started this was because I couldn't get over dads death and I didn't get any support from anyone, but me dying isn't going to make anything better either." "Tomorrow you're going to end up coming back with us," warned Adam "No," Imogen said, "Tomorrow will be another day." Stopping wasn't difficult. Imogen went through the normal process of withdrawal symptoms; aches and pains, sweating, shaking, headaches and cravings for the drug, but thinking about her father's and Stephanie's death helped her to pull through. ?? ?? ?? ?? Olenka Andrusyak 10 Lisieux - - ...read more.

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