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Jessica - creative writing

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Jessica I had always felt as if I were trapped in this place I called home. It was like hell living with him, my father. I could hardly breathe without him knowing. There had even been times when he locked me in the house just so I wouldn't associate with Christians. He was just so overprotective; he never really cared about me. All he cared about is himself and his money. Sometimes I thought that I might as well not even be here. He didn't treat me like a father treats a daughter but like an owner treats its dog. I often felt ashamed to be known as his daughter. I don't think I've ever actually felt like his daughter. I didn't really sense as though I were connected with him, I felt as though I was out of place. ...read more.


I'm finally making decisions for myself and I'm going to be a wife and live how I wish. I'm finally going to be satisfied with my life and won't dread waking up in the morning. I am so relieved that I left. I had had enough of his possessiveness and his need to keep me locked up like a prisoner. Now my fianc�, Lorenzo and I are going to live a happy life together without the worries of other people. However, getting away wasn't easy. One night my father surprisingly left me the keys to the house while he was going to dinner with Antonio. I took my chance and went for it. I had to dress up like a male torchbearer therefore no one would recognise me. ...read more.


I honestly think my father asking for pound of Antonio's flesh was just a ploy to get back at him for all those years of him calling him names and disrespecting him for being a Jew. My father was just being petty and stubborn. Nevertheless I didn't think he would go as far as attempted murder to settle a grudge. I'm quite glad he lost all his money, especially considering half of it went to me and Lorenzo and our future together. Even so I think it was a bit unfair to make him change his faith. Considering that he had to give up all his money and dignity, which he deserved, but then to make him give up his faith is somewhat unreasonable. Now my life is so much simpler and I am so glad that my father is no longer part of my life. I can now look to the future Elizabeth Sima Toorani (10F) ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Merchant of Venice section.

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