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Joahn Humberto was a sailor who after who after the death of his father, had no choice but continuing his father's business- becoming a wine merchant

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The Mystery of Mary Celeste Joahn Humberto was a sailor who after the death of his father, had no choice but continuing his father's business- becoming a wine merchant. In November 7th 1872 he departed from the bay of Cadiz (Spain) to make his trip to Greece where a rich man would buy his wine. It was a misty morning. Humberto's boat was small, but had never betrayed him. It was the only thing he had, so he really loved it. He got on the boat already with the 50 gallons wine in it and sailed away in the misty ocean. The bout was small and there was a place only for the captain so he was completely alone. He sat on the front looking towards the horizon. He stared at the mist; that fog reminded him of something. It brought back in his mind a forgotten story. A legend which his father used to tell. A legend for the misty morning when the famous ship Mary Celeste disappeared without any sign and the crew and its carriage weren't there any more. ...read more.


Suddenly a cloud moved from the moon's way and it appeared with and glowing light. All of a sudden a beautiful ship with broken sales appeared at the horizon. The ship looked really sad- like a widow crying over the deep waters in which she had lost her husband. He had never seen anything more horrifying. The big boat was stuck in the ocean and didn't move although the win was going trough its broken sales. It seemed the boat had like this for many years. Its body was made of hazel brown wood and near the front as Humberto went closer; it was possible to read the words "Mary Celeste", written in corrosive bronze letters. The sailor couldn't believe his eyes. It was the legendary Mary Celeste! The ship which disappeared so many years ago and no one was ever able to find it again was in front of him, staying still as if something in the deep waters pulling her; like something or someone didn't want it to sail away. ...read more.


And then all of a sudden he felt deep coldness in his soul. The steps were going trough him. He collapsed. For a minute or two he was laying on the floor without any sign that he was alive. Then suddenly he took a deep breath and woke up. At first he was laying on the wooden floor watching the sky: it was still as dark as ink; then he remembered he needed to get off the ship, he needed to run away. Joahn Humberto started to run toward the stairs where his safe boat was waiting for him; but then he realized he couldn't sail away. His boat was gone. In a moment of desperation he tried to jump in the water but something was pulling him back. He remembered Sophia and how he'll never see her smile again. And then he realized he'll never get off the ship. He was going to die here. The legend of the famous Mary Celeste has become his destiny. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aleksandrina Georgieva 11F2 English Mr. Tailor-Richardson 1 ...read more.

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