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John Leigh The Journey

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John Leigh The Journey It was unfortunate, he thought, that the sand was a little hotter than he would have ideally liked. Looking out across the horizon the poison blue ocean was already beginning to pour into the sand and saturate it. When the waters came in, it was always time to leave. As he turned, the sand absorbing his feet in the wake the wonder what would happen one night, if indeed, he did remain out and watch the sea. Perhaps the old tales were not true, perhaps there was nothing to be scared of. 'Modeerf' his wife shouted out, 'Modeerf'! 'Yes' came the reply, his reaction a little slow from having been walking alone for so long. 'You must come back for dinner now, walk beside me, let us talk for a while, we shall go through the trees'. As open as the sand and water were, the jungle was equally dense. The thick, toxic green leaves draped themselves around black and brown barks. The floor of the forest was littered with seeds and smaller, less noticeable vegetation. It was not uncommon to see many different animals if one took even the shortest of walks through this perfect, tropical forest. ...read more.


wise man my freedom is not something you can control, it is my own. I do my work as a father and friend when the time calls for it.' The wise man said nothing but gave Modeerf the most uncomfortable feeling he had ever experienced. For a moment he felt the gaze flood every inch of his body. He had to suppress the will to tell the man exactly what he had been doing by the sea. Finally the wise man turned his head and continued to shakily walk toward his small hut. Modeerf looked at his wife, smiled awkwardly and whispered 'Come Iree, let us eat and rest well for tomorrow, I am tired tonight.' The sun arose gently spilling light into the quiet village. Slowly one by one the people arose, it was not easy to sleep for long once the sun had come up as the huts quickly became unpleasantly hot. Modeerf was the first up. He watched the sun rise and quickly as he could dressed himself and made his way carefully out of the hut so as not to wake Iree. ...read more.


'Why old man? Why has this happened to me? Why did I want to leave? Why can I not? WHY?' The wise man carefully considered Modeerf for a moment. Standing, he hobbled over and taking Modeerf's arm, pulled him to his feet. 'You are a fool. Like me you are not content with what is perfect. The beautiful life we have is undesirable, unreal and uncomfortable.' Modeerf looked as if he had been shot, spluttering he asked the question that would scar him forever. 'Who is this other who tried to escape, did he manage it?' The wise man lowered his head, let drop his staff and replied. 'No Modeerf, he never managed it, from the moment he tried, he made his prison a million times more terrible. It is a curse that will haunt you and I forever.' Raising his fist, showing the sea to Modeerf he explained everything. Why it was impossible. Why the current isolated the island and why it was impossible to escape. Slowly they turned together and after what seemed like forever Modeerf began the walk he had done a million times before. Today he had adventured, if only for a moment. He felt a content and ignorant happiness that he had never experienced before. 'It's not so bad here', he whispered to himself. ...read more.

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