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John Proctors Thoughts after his day at Reverend Parris House. John Proctors Thoughts before his Death

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John Proctor's Thoughts after his day at Reverend Parris' House My heart shall forever bear this sin of mine. I keep it inside me, but it is not something so easily put away. I were a fool to lust for Abigail. I had not a sense of reasoning and were blinded by my desire for her. Today, she pleaded with me to confess my love for her and I saw her eyes brimming with desire. Why must it be hard for her to understand that we must not continue that path? Lechery is a sin as black as the coals that light up hell! I am no longer righteous in the eyes of the Lord. The poor child knows not what she is getting herself into. I told her I'll not reach for her anymore and that we never touched. Must she be reminded that I am a married man? Aye, it is my fault. I am too soft on Abigail. Elizabeth does not deserve those foul words coming out of her mouth! ...read more.


I'll not attend Sabbath day if he continues to preach of Hell and Damnation, like he's tryin' to rule us by fear. I despise him for it. Is he blind? No righteous reverend preaches of hell and then demands ownership of the meeting house! And that man Putnam is just the same. He threatens to sue me over my lumber, the land at which I purchased from Francis Nurse. He should just let it go. Those threats of his have profited him nothing. I've had enough troubles to deal with already. It's been a long day *** John Proctor's Thoughts before his Death Never did I expect to greet death this early. Yet here I am, standing in this black corridor waiting to mount the gibbet. My hands are shackled tight. I see the light at the end of the corridor, but I know it is none but darkness that will have its grip on me. Why does this fate await me? Is it a sin to choose pride over my family? ...read more.


Lechery tainted me in the eyes of the Lord and Elizabeth. How could I forgive myself? If only I did not succumb to sin...then all this insanity in Salem could have been prevented. But I cannot take it back. All I hope is for God's righteous eyes to see me for the good man that I am. "It is time." The Marshall's stony eyes avert my own and I walk down corridor. I enter the daylight and see the gibbet, its noose swaying in the wind. Nothing I can do will change its presence. I step on to the wooden platform, my feet and arms bound to the finality of death. I am going to die. No longer will I breathe. No longer will I see the faces of those I care about. I want to scream, but I feel comfort when I think of those who died in defiance. They have stood where I am now, and I am just like them. My name is clean. God, do you see me my victory? The rope tightens around my neck. Elizabeth, I will see you again in heaven. For the first time, I feel peace. ...read more.

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