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John Proctor and Abigail Williams both show an amazing amount of bravery, valiant, and boldness. John

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Moses Preciado 10-1-05 Per.1 THE CRUCIBLE Brave is defined as: Possessing or displaying courage; valiant. Being brave is not necessarily always good and can lead to a disastrous outcome. In the play The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, the protagonist and antagonist both display a great deal of courage. John Proctor is brave in the sense that he is willing to make a confession and risk his life to save his wife's life, and Abigail Williams is brave in the sense that she is bold enough to falsely condemn a large amount of people of witchery knowing that they will all be hung. John Proctor is a wealthy farmer who's wife is accused of bewitching young girls and practicing witchcraft. Throughout the play John proves that he is a brave man. As soon as his wife is accused, John quickly goes to the court proceedings to denounce the trial and to reveal that the girls that accuse his wife are just pretending. ...read more.


John eventually gives in and decides to falsely confess in order to save his life. Once he had verbally confessed the Judge ask John for a written confession. John writes it but upon being asked to sign it he refuses. Instead of confessing and incriminating all of his friends which have also been accused John tears the confession and is ultimately hung. This action shows that John is willing to die rather lie or incriminate his friends. These examples show that john is a brave man. Abigail Williams is a young 17 year old girl. Abigail is the antagonist in the play and she is very courageous when it comes to blatantly lying. She is one of the many girls caught dancing in the forest and is the leader of the girls that go on a rampage of falsely accusing persons of bewitching them because of the need to settle scores with them. ...read more.


Because of what Abigail did now all of the accused will be hung. Abigail of course shows no remorse. This once again proves that Abigail shows no fear when it comes to falsely accusing other people. Both of these examples show that Abigail bravely disregards any possible consequences. John Proctor and Abigail Williams both show an amazing amount of bravery, valiant, and boldness. John Proctors bravery rose out of the need to not allow his wife to die for his extra marital affair and he ultimately paid with his life. Abigail Williams boldness rose out of a need to explain the dancing and the conjuring of spirits which she otherwise would have been whipped for, and the need take revenge upon Elizabeth for dismissing her from working at the Proctor home. Both John's and Abigail's Bravery is a result of their need to hide their sins and wrong doings A LITERARY ANALYSIS ON BRAVERY IN THE CRUCIBLE BY:MOSES PRECIADO PER.1 MS.HAIG 10-1-05 HONORS AMERICAN LITERATURE/COMPOSITION ...read more.

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