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John Smiths Advertising Campaign

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John Smiths advertising campaign. Due to a sudden fall in beer sales in a highly competitive market, John Smiths needed the help of well known celebrity to portray a comical and working class character for their beer. They recruited Peter Kay, to launch a new campaign to boost customer rates. Humour seems to be the success of these adverts as Peter Kay is a well-known comedian and the stereotypical beer drinking, common man with a working class sense of humour that works with the company's slogan "no nonsense". It's obvious that the target audience is the working class. John smiths try to catch the attention of younger drinkers because they are known to try different things more than older drinkers and beer companies rely on brand loyalty. Peter Kay gives off a warm cheery feeling and his humour is a reflection on the stereotypical working class life. Because of this the target audience can relate to Peter Kay therefore the beer appeals to them. The purpose of the advert was to maintain and reinforce the product image. ...read more.


The name of his daughter (Brittany) shows the working class theme yet again in the way she has been named after the famous celebrity Brittany Spears. The "ball skills" advert only has a few words of dialogue which is "'av it". The atmosphere is quite different; it is set in a council estate, obviously showing it is a working class area. Again it is a social scene, but more casual than the monsters advert. The men kicking around the ball shows skill and that they are thinking about what they are doing. When John Smith has the ball passed to him he simply kicks it as hard as he can showing that he doesn't believe in using all the effort the other players were using to get the result he wants. In "mother" it is a family setting, in a working class council house with a conventional situation, the mother of the house is using the vacuum cleaner when her son , Peter Kay, tells her he needs her to leave. ...read more.


However in "ball skills" the humour is not quick witted but abrupt and to the point, this works with the "no nonsense" slogan of John Smiths. It's very much like the "mother" advert in the clothing. All the footballers wear old boots and tracksuit bottoms, showing that the people in the advert are just ordinary and don't have big fancy things, and aren't too bothered with getting dirty and muddy to have fun. Each advert is different in the way of dialogue. The 'monsters' advert has a lot of dialogue because the humour is in the words and not the actions of the characters. At the start of the advert when John Smith answers the phone his voice is calm and caring and his wife sounds proud. When he tells her about the people coming through the window he sounds more abrupt and impatient which shocks the viewer. The humour in all of the adverts is very to the point and truthful, sometimes shocking. This is to show that John Smith has no problem with 'telling it how it is' as the 'no nonsense' slogan shows. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josie Godley 10JD ...read more.

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