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johns diary entry

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Johns Diary Entry. Dear diary, I have been at Chantrey School now for a few days and my impressions have changed drastically! My first day was great and knowing that I got my first mastering job at such a high standard school gives me an excellent start in my career. I have made a new friend as well called Mr Cary Farthingale; however I did get the impression that he hated working at that school and when I mentioned that I was hoping to stay on for longer than a term he thought I was absolutely crazy! The headmaster showed me around for a short while but it seemed as though he was so consumed within his own school that he took no blind notice of me or what I had to say what so ever. ...read more.


When I came home later that night me and Nadia have even started bickering over that job as I don't feel as though she is being at all supportive or encouraging of me and I don't think I can tell her about what it is really like there as she already hates the place. My second day was even worse, I had thought to myself and was determined to go back the next morning and take control to set some basic ground rules of behaviour in the classroom however the head yet again took no notice of what I was trying to tell him about Mr Pelham, he just wasn't interested and the boys even threatened me! They have now decided that we will teach for half a period and they will gamble for the other half. ...read more.


I thought that coming to this school would give me high hopes for the future and a great start in life but this school is awful and arrogant. I was still hoping to stay here for longer than a term however the head has made it very clear that my time to leave has arrived as a new master who is obviously better than me and fits in better called Gilwit has come to take my place. The head claimed he likes to have "Old Chantrovians" on the staff which clearly meant not me. He then gave me a card from one of the agencies regarding preparatory schools; he mentioned I would be better suited there. I have always wanted to be a master but after this job I have no idea what I look forward to in the near future. ...read more.

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