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Jon Krakauer, the author of the bestselling book Into Thin Air, depicts the gripping and tragic story of a group of climbers on an expedition to Mt Everest

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´╗┐Essay Exam April 3, 2011 ELA 30-1 Zuhur Good A) Essay 1 Human Responsibility in Crisis Situations Jon Krakauer, the author of the bestselling book Into Thin Air, depicts the gripping and tragic story of a group of climbers on an expedition to Mt Everest. On many occasions, human lives are threatened. It is a spellbinding story full of suspense and it portrays the many terrible dangers on the highest peak of the world. Human responsibility is put to test on the mountain. There are many controversial points of views on this topic. In crisis situations, where a human being?s life is put at risk, is it one?s duty to look out for the other and do everything in his or her power to help, save and support that person? Or should that person only be concerned about him and not risk his own life for others? To begin with, the adventure novel, Into Thin Air, illustrates the many cases where lives are put at risk and much vulnerability to death takes place. ...read more.


You must do as you wish others would do for you. As a final point, climbing Everest is a very perilous expedition. There are many risks involved with ascending this hill and one must be prepared for its menaces. Then again, putting someone?s life at risk for your own safety is completely wrong. For example, Sandy Pittman in the story puts Lopsang?s life in grave danger. She brought up 80 pounds of technological instruments and made him carry the whole thing up on Everest. In addition, as she starts to get exhausted, he takes her up the mountain by short-roping her. This is extremely hazardous and inconsiderate of her. It is even immoral to do this to someone. If she was not ready for the expedition and couldn?t go up without needing to be short-roped or assisted in such a way that puts another person?s life in danger; she should not have come. In conclusion, Jon Krakauer?s harrowing novel of high-altitude climbing exposes a story of bad luck, horrible judgment and much heroism. ...read more.


It is proved to us through the end of the short story, that he does not take this advice. Frank wanted to break free of his monotonous, dull and sad life. In a sense, he deserved a change and a happy life but in the long run, it would be painfully hard. This was something he could not understand at such a young age. In Wilmer Mills? poem ?Diary of a Piano-Tuner?s Wife?, the author describes her feelings towards her husband. She feels like she lives under the shadow of his past and is very misunderstood by him. The issue at hand in this poem is freedom. She refuses to be constrained by him and doesn?t want to be hurt by him anymore. When reading this poem, one gets feelings of empathy towards this woman. Many people go through these sorts of things. In a sense, nobody wants to live in a box or under someone?s shadow. Her liberation and freedom is best seen in the verses where she compares herself to the strings of the piano. She finally breaks free from the restraining acts and insensitive manners towards her. ...read more.

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