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Joseph Black.

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Joseph Black. Smoke billowed from the jagged, charred end of his ancient pipe. A strange smell was noticeable in the crisp, cold January air. Black stood there casting his sharp, piercing eyes over the badly battered almost undistinguishable figure of what seemed to be a young woman, surrounded in a velvet puddle of blood. The body was lying in the gulley of a narrow London alleyway; the thick, dull London smog surrounded the entire area, which made it difficult to sense anything or anybody that could be close by! Inspector Joseph Black broke the silence. "Suicide." One word, "suicide." "Suicide." He says, how on earth can he tell? We had been there three minutes and in the distance we could hear the chimes of midnight ring out from central London, and he had already decided what had happened just by looking at the body, without looking around him or at the girls' past. ...read more.


"Well it's simple really! First of all, the object used, that inflicted these wounds, is lying there right by her left hand." He was correct. "I believe it to be a police truncheon am I correct? Of course I am! From what I know about this young lady she was dismissed from the metropolitan police force, just a few days ago. She, from what I have been told lived, breathed, ate, drank and slept for her work. It was the only thing that made her wake up in the morning and get out of bed!" Lock questions him again "But Black, there's got to be more to it than that? There just has to be?" ...read more.


and pain, as you say she would have keeled over and probably even died from just a few blows to the head, but because of the alcohol, she didn't feel a thing, it was probably more due to blood loss that she died." Sirens could be heard in the distant night and they were steadily drawing closer! "Oh well Lock, bring the MG around and we'll see how the boys in blue blunder their way through this one." Within in seconds a small lime green MG sat in the shadow of a London alleyway, Black stood there a few moments, then turned and climbed in, in a puff of grey smoke they were gone, eventually there bright red tail lights vanished in the thick dull smog of the London atmosphere. Andrew Bloomfield. Short detective story. ...read more.

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