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Journal of Romeo and Juliet . This morning, I was despairing because of Rosaline because I loved madly, but she didnt return her love back.

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Dear journal Well, the day started as heart-wrenching as I could bear. Flawless, Rosaline was so fair. I am so confused and sad. What to do, I don't know, it started with misery in the morning. This morning, I was despairing because of Rosaline because I loved madly, but she didn't return her love back. . I wonder why she does not love me back since I had always tried to impress her and be nice to her but I still don't know the reason why she does not love me back. When I was told the news that Rosaline did not love me it was like my life flashed before my eyes, I've always believed in love at first sight, I was torn apart by her. I felt a bit lonely and wanted to spend the time all by myself. I couldn't stop thinking about her, she was so beautiful. She stood out against the darkness, she was the love of my life, but I knew that she didn't love me, so I felt very painful and sad. I am so angry not just angry, upset as well and confused. My words cannot describe how I feel. I do not know what to do I never knew one moment would change my life so quickly, and drastically!! ...read more.


Im a married man! our plan had come off !. I want to spend the rest of my life with my beloved Juliet. This great day began with good news to a question I asked friar Laurence. I asked for permission to have a wedding ceremony to make my love for Juliet official. There was agreement from both the friar and Juliet's nurse. We had a cunning plan that would buy us time to go through with the ceremony; Juliet's nurse was to lie in order for us to have what we wanted. The quiet ceremony went well, there was nothing that could interrupt or break up our love at the time. I felt over the moon as Juliet agreed to make me the happiest man on earth by saying the words "I do". But not all was in order; this news was not to the delight I want to explain my wonderful day's story for you. In the morning, I was frustrated, because I loved a girl, named Rosaline, but I knew that she didn't love me, so I felt very painful. And sad. Then, my friends and some Capulet's were fighting each other. I hate this fighting; I don't want to see that again. During this time, Benvolio gave advice to me that we should go to the party, and then we can compare many beautiful girls to Rosaline. ...read more.


I think that all my hopes have been crushed to pieces, but now I have a new hope in my life. And, I feel really thankful to the Friar. Finally, I cried for my delight and happiness, etc. I am excited because now, I can see my angel, who is Juliet, my family, and my friends. It looks like everything will be lovely! The night was so great. The dark sky, mysterious but protective, the balcony where stood the incarnation of beauty. Only the bushes were too spiky and I hurt my arm trying to get out. Never mind. If only our two families were as clever as her...we would live in perfect harmony. But I do not care about the Capulet's (except Juliet of course) and their situation with my family. I know how to hide. I am sure they will never find out about our relationship." "Tonight I went to a party at the Capulet's' house. I met an angel there: Juliet Capulet...She was so pretty that even the moon should have been jealous of her beauty." "The only thing interfering with the will of true love is the ultimate irrelevance that holds the family names...Our reunion in a number of hours presents a frontier of hope. Tomorrow we will be married, and so many insignificant factors of this relationship will be cast aside, leaving space for a love so unique, so beautiful, and so pure. ...read more.

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