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Journal of survivour

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Journal of a Survivor It Just started like a normal day on our way to out next game you see I play rugby full back But this might change the way I think. On the 27th of September I and the team were off to Chile to play the next game on a plane. I hate flying I don't know why I accepted to go on this trip I don't know why but I have a funny feeling about this. We left on the plane from Australia all was well looking over the snowy mountains. Then it changed we started to shake all the people that were chucking a rugby ball about quickly sat down and pit there seat belt on everyone started to smoke trying to calm down. The shaking got ferocious, I could smell peoples dear and I could hear people praying and screaming all the adults were comforting their children telling them it will be ok. Then I heard from the background "are we meant to be flying so close to the mountains"! The pilot heard him too and started to make full power and try to pull the plane up. The planes wing hit the side of the mountains we all screamed to te tops of our voices everyone was crying and praying. ...read more.


Antonio said " I will be the person that does it first" he went over with a cracked piece of window and cut through the jeans and then Through the skin and met with the bone he sliced off a peace od meat and ate it; he felt like throwing up his eyes dropped and his hands shock no one could believe that he just ate a bit of his friend. Slowly; one by one the all took a bit of meat off and after they could not believe what they just did they all sat in the plane for an hour thinking and thinking worried and horrified. Three days passed and no-one said anything. Then they heard something it sounded like music; they followed the sound further and further they saw something in the snow it was a radio they had found something that could get them saved they were so happy they screamed and shouted they looked at it the plane mechanic was the one person that knew how to use these radios but he was a bit "cooko" so it was left to the one person that had made electrical equipment before which was Gerono. ...read more.


It will still take a long time if we ever do get out of here the laughing stopped everyone just sat there in silence with our heads down. Then someone heard a gun shot or some sort like that but everyone just thought it was a bird then they went to the top of the hill to look over in the direction of which the gun shot came from then we saw four people dressed in white, that have just shot someone that was from the same plane they did not know what to do so everyone screamed and I shouted "STOP SCREAMING" then everyone stopped I explained " what if they hear us screaming we could turn into those people that were just killed. I decided that we should all go back to the plane and put snow all over the plane so that the people would just think that it was a pile of snow so we set to work a wall or ice at either end so it would keep the heat and also it would meant that it is camouflages and the blue lines along the side of that plane now have been covered in snow with nothing show that is distinctive. I thought all we had to do was sit and wait hopefully the people would go away. ...read more.

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