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Journey’s End

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Journey's End From your experience of reading Journey's End, what do you think makes a good officer? Consider the men's background, social status, age and personal qualities. Journeys End is a play set in the trenches of World War One. It portrays the hardship and the suffering that the several officers in it had to endure, during the 3-4 days that are depicted in it. We get to know in quite a lot of depth the personalities and relationships that the men have with one another. Each officer is very different and individual in their up bringing and values concerning war and in life. The first officer we are acquainted with is Hardy, a company commander. Hardy is a very easy going officer who looks on the bright side of life, " One and two its with Maud and Lou;" he passes his time in the trenches singing nonsense rhymes and being a rather, "cheerful red- faced looking chap."He does this to make the most of the situation that he is in, and from my impression he tries not to bother about the trivial facts that would just, in his mind, be an unwanted nuisance. I think this is intentional to help him keep his spirits high and his mind off the worst sides of the war. This is a good quality in an officer as it not only keeps him light hearted it keeps the morale in the rest of the company high. ...read more.


So the drink is just something that helps him cope with the strains of being on the front "he's stuck it till his nerves have got battered to bits." Stanhope shows commitment as an officer as he came out of school when he was eighteen and came straight into the military to fight. He never rests or gets ill and Stanhope is such a loyal and good officer he would risk his own life for his men. Surely this is the highest quality an officer could possess and really does make him worth his weight in gold? Stanhope will stand by his men at all times and when he and Hibbert share the same fear Stanhope will put himself out and go up the top to comfort and reassure him. Stanhope is more intelligent than he seems and he uses psychology to calm Hibbert down. He does this for a good reason because he needs all the help for the attack and also cares about the welfare of his men. Motivating him will add to the success of the attack and make Hibbert feel better at the same time. This makes him a good officer as he gets his priorities right. He wants to please the Colonel and at the same time he keeps the company happy. This really emphasises the fact he is a superb company commander and most of the men especially Osborne agree with this "His experience alone makes him worth a dozen people like me". ...read more.


He needed Stanhope to push him to go up top and wish the men luck before the attack "I think they would appreciate a word or two". He could be seen as a bad officer for this but I have come to the conclusion that he has done this on purpose to keep a clear mind and focused for the job. With all the deaths of his men he has to see, if he made friendships he'd brake down within a week. So he is a good officer even if he is a little cold, the men might not see this but he is doing it for their best interests. Most of the officers in this dug out have some excellent qualities that make them good officers but none of them is a perfect or ideal officer. They all are individual in their ways but have something about them, which really has an impact on the other men at this hard time. Without one another they would find it hard to cope as each of them have an asset that improves the situation they are in. They work as a team with each other. As a group they hold most of the qualities an ideal and good officer needs in my opinion, experience, motivation, good at keeping moral up, hard work, lots of effort and importantly they all do their best for their country and fight for the right reasons. None of them are prejudice to one another despite their social status or background and they respect and value everyone's company and friendships. ...read more.

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