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Journey's End - Original Writing

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Journey's End... Howard's End... and ultimately The End. I stand here today at the threshold of my new life. Today it's real, I finally become Mills, Countess of Peckham, but I stood here before all those years ago. They were the days; we were young, wild and free as birds to roam the world. So much has changed now yet no matter where we went our true love remained...so long as I paid. In one way its journey's end for my love story today as I sign away my life to one of high class English aristocracy and complicated bitter families. On the other hand, that love that blossomed so may moons ago has lead me on such a journey around the world, through thick and thin, through pain and joy, through happiness and humiliation. Yet, today I vow to make it last a lifetime ... For better or worse, till death do us part or any other popular sitcom. * * * Capitolo Uno - Come Tutto Ha Avuto Inizio (Chapter One - How It All Began) 30 years previously A warm autumn's breeze blew across the English countryside as the sun shone brightly on the train of cars slowly curving their way up the tree-line driveway. ...read more.


Successfully dancing the dance of life she answered to the name of Mills. She'd caught his eye in the past but never had her beauty lay as bare as it did that night. Her tiny figure was fragile as precious crystals and her evenly bronzed skin shimmered in the moonlight. Whereas her teeth were as white as pearls; her ebony black hair mirrored the midnight sky outside. With her beautiful poise and grace she captured, commanded and enchanted every soul's attention in the room that night, just as she did where ever she went. But behind her picture perfect frontage lay something even more amazing: her inner beauty. Twinned with her natural cleverness, her ability to charm hadn't just won Boon over but everyone she'd ever met. Boys loved her, girls wanted to be her; and together this made her Queen Bee. She seemed to fit in so perfectly here yet she always kept everyone at an arms length. She's surrounded herself by such a protective barricade he saw no way in. For what did he have to offer a girl like her, the girl who always had the upper hand? ...read more.


"H... H... Hi," was all he could manage as the overwhelming power of that moment brought his stutter to the forefront. Desperately, he tried to suppress his rage. He couldn't show her yet. First he had to woo. Though that shouldn't be a problem for despite any deep uncertainness her lover's gaze hadn't faltered as images of a life ahead flashed before her mind. So there, in that single moment dreams were created. As together, they'd laid the first foundations to a life long journey down a twisted lover's path, which would ultimately become too deep to trace as it embedded itself deep inside their hearts and minds alike. * * * As with all the lives which have gone before me, I now know a dream is just a dream. In reality, life's path is never simple and "love may not conquer all but it guides you in knowing what's worth fighting for." And till this day and forever more I, Mills, guided by the fact "true love is blind" will fight the good fight... even in the face of pain... even if I wake-up and find my life has been a clich´┐Ż-ridden dream. For just a moment we were true lovers. We were Mills and Boon. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework Original Writing Caitlin Bones ...read more.

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