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Journey's End - We are given two opinions of Stanhope in act one. In your opinion, whose view is proved correct by the end of the play?

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Journey's End We are given two opinions of Stanhope in act one. In your opinion, whose view is proved correct by the end of the play? In the first scene of the play, we find Hardy, who is a captain talking with Osborne, an officer of a lower rank than Hardy. We know that these two are good friends because they always joking around: ' "5 p.m. to 8 p.m. All quiet. German flew over. Shot a rat" "Did you?" "No I shot the rat you ass" ' For most of the scene they talk about another Captain- Stanhope. ...read more.


goes on sticking it' Hardy goes on to talk about how Osborne should be the Captain of that company, and Osborne keeps defending Stanhope: talking about how much longer he's been out there and even says that he might command the whole battalion. The conversation between Hardy and Osborne shows how their opinions on Stanhope differ. Osborne respects him, because he is of a higher rank, and because he works with him as a friend. Hardy doesn't work with Stanhope and so he only hears about him from other people, so he knows that he has a reputation for drinking very heavily. ...read more.


Stanhope is ashamed that he drinks. We can see this from the fact that tries to hide thee fact that he drinks from Raleigh, a new officer in his company. He hides it from Raleigh because he is getting engaged to his sister. This suggests that Stanhope does not drink intentionally, but simply to calm his nerves. This would mean that Osborne's opinion of Stanhope is correct rather than Hardy's. However, we do not know the full reasons surrounding Stanhope's drinking habits, neither do we know whether he survives the German attack at the end of the play. There is therefore, a sense of mystery about Stanhope and everything he does. ...read more.

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