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Journey's End - Write a letter from the trenches

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Write a letter from the trenches (to mother/brother/sister/girlfriend...) Dear mum, I'm just doing fine here in the trenches with my company. It is a bit boring having to wait for so much time, but it is also exciting, because you never know when something will happen. ...read more.


I just wanted you to know that I'm OK. I feel proud of serving my country. Please don't suffer for me. I'll write again soon. Love, V�ctor. Dear father, I am sorry for being like that when I wrote the letter to mum. ...read more.


The truth is that we don't ever see our commander; I don't even know his name. Nobody speaks, time goes by slowly and what we only do is sleeping. Gambling and card games or any distraction is forbidden. But I obviously prefer just to sit and wait to see what happens rather than being out there fighting. I really wish I was there with you. Kind regards, V�ctor. ...read more.

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