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Journey. The train continued its journey; we were in a deep dark tunnel. Silence. The tunnel seemed to have no ending like an abyss, and the walls ridiculously getting narrower.

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The Dream Journey "Mind the gap please between the train and the platform..." It was precisely 4 in the afternoon when arrived at the station to catch the train to London Victoria. School was extremely boring as usual but that was alright as it was the last day of the week and its weekend coming up. "The train will be departing at approximately 3 minutes", the lady at the station announced. I gave a huge step between the train and the platform as there was a massive gap in between, big enough for me to fall into the rails. I got on the train as quickly as I can, I didn't want to miss my train of course and get in deep trouble with Charlie, my step dad. He has a strict rule getting home early, even with my friends the rule still applied. The carriage I got in was in fact full and most people were standing up, I was kind of picky and didn't want to stand up therefore I decided to search for an empty seat. After looking around, I saw a single empty chair that is place near the doors. I struggled approaching the empty chair tackling through all those people in front of me. ...read more.


Moreover the earth animals all possess fins plus gills and wade around the water while on the other hand the aquatic animals all possess legs and are about in the terrestrial. The water also gives out hot steam like a volcano but when I actually put my hand into it; it's freezing cold. I manage to balance myself and walked slowly through the water, it was like I was walking in the air. Not once was I out of balance nor fall into the water. The experience was kind of fun, but I didn't like at as it just made me feel really depressed all of a sudden. I'm not quite sure myself why. I just happened to be gloomy and lonely. Therefore I carried on with my travelling; the next thing the pops in front of me is a tree. However, it wasn't just any ordinary tree. It's a tall giant tree, probably about 100ft high. It has ornate heart shape leaves and different shades of blue flowers all blooming beautifully. Judging by the colour of the tree, it seems very healthy and young. Suddenly wings started growing behind my back. I'm obviously shocked, but when I was about to fly someone spoke, "Hang on there, where do you think you're going?" ...read more.


I got so scared that I was spinning round and round. The whole garden was covered; I couldn't see a tiny space with out a part of a robot a baby doll. All I can hear is the baby dolls all crying and moaning all at the same time. It was so creepy and scary. It's like they are haunting you down. Abruptly I felt futuristic, young, very scared and worried. I cannot wait till I find the door way out. I searched endlessly for the door. Finally after about an hour or so I found it. I pulled myself out of that crazy garden and found myself standing in front of a wall. It was as thick as a brick and is created out of a dragon's skin. It was scaly and pointy. One touch with your finger and you'll definitely hurt yourself. I also cannot climb over it as it's very sharp and by the time I'll reach the top, my body will be covered with cuts and I'll probably die due to loose of blood. So I'd rather not try. I feel like that the other side of this wall is my home. My freedom out of these crazy planet, town or diversion. Wherever I am. I wanna get out of this place. All of a sudden a light bright shone straight into my eyes. What is it? Shiela Narito 10C3 ...read more.

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