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Journey through Home

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Journey through Home My father is a Hindu Punjabi, and my mother is a Muslim. Personally, I consider myself to be both. When I was younger, I was confused as to who I was and where I was from. As these two religions are very different, I was exposed to two very contrasting cultures. I had been to India and Pakistan before, but by the time I reached 14, I wanted to go back to my roots and go home. On this thought I dug my passport out of a cupboard in my room, and before I knew it, it was stamped, ready and I was at the foot of gate 12. I looked up ahead of me at the screen, my destination, my time displayed in a list. My eyes followed down to the ticket in my hand, I was finally on my way, and it was the beginning of a transforming journey through home. As I was getting the flight from London Heathrow to Pakistan, I felt somewhat out off place. All the women were covered from head to toe in nothing but what they call "Hijaab". This is a simple black cloth that is placed over them, related to their religion, which is not to expose any part of their body which will make men sexually aroused in the slightest. ...read more.


Their clothes were ripped and their hair was dry and tangled. A sudden shiver ran down the back of my spine. I felt disturbed knowing that my home country was letting people live in such poverty. Looking at all these people lying on the side of the road made me feel so upset and shocked to see so many people living their lives like this. The car was in a traffic jam, so I decided to roll down the window and give money to a few selfless little children crying on the surface of mud and rock. As I let out my hand towards them, I suddenly saw a group of children rush towards me like a flock of birds at such a great speed. As much as I wanted to give them all money, I knew I couldn't as if I gave money to some children, I knew I would have had more company. I was still very alarmed to observe such a disappointing atmosphere, and I began to thank God that I wasn't living in these conditions. I tried to think of reasons at that point, to figure out exactly how people end up being homeless and living in rotten and unsettling surroundings. The car drove on, and I was beginning to feel depressed. I needed a break from the journey, so I asked the driver to pull over so I could get something to eat. ...read more.


Going to Pakistan put my thinking into a different light and path. The path of knowledge and wisdom. It helped me realise that I take most things for granted, and that I should value everything I receive in life, whether it's good or bad and that I am lucky enough to be where I am today. In today's world, I don't think people appreciate how lucky they are to have a roof over their head. I don't think they even realise that the people on the street would do anything for a drop of water, where as we can just open a tap and out it flows. When I was little my mother would always make me eat everything that was given to me on the plate and to be thankful that I had something to eat, and now I know that I should be thankful for everything that is given to me because looking at all the homeless and starving people makes me grateful for the things that I have. If anyone else could see how the people on the street lived, they would think again and would also value the life they have of being safe. When I saw the man with blood all over him, all I could think about was how he got there. Even at this instant, almost two years later, it still ponders in my mind. = By Salena Sharma = =11JEH= ...read more.

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