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Journeys end gcse coursework

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Journey's End Journeys end is a play set in the First World War when trenches where the choice of defense that everyone choose to use to go to war. The author of this play is called R C Sheriff; who was an officer in the First World War in the East Surrey Regiment, and was wounded in the battle of Passchedaele in 1917. This play was written based upon his real life experiences during the war- mirroring the way he and his comrades lived and fought. I intend to explore three characters from this play and show how they cope with the situation they are in. The three characters that I have chosen are: > Osborne > Stanhope > Hibbert I have chosen these three characters because the way they cope with situations of grief or worry is very normal and would probably happen in real life. Sherriff show's how that each of these people copes with the war by referring closely to the text and explaining how he gets these men across to his audience. My first point I will make is at the start of the play about Osborne. The scene is when the last officer (Hardy) ...read more.


Here in this stage of the play is when Osborne dies whilst the raid is taking place. The next character I will be doing will be Stanhope, who does not appear right at the beginning, but little later on. The first big point on Stanhope is that he drinks to forget, so in the end he doesn't remember all the suffering that went on that day, which to him is a good thing. Being the commanding officer of the company is hard and Stanhope can do it only when he is doped up on alcohol, "If I went up those steps - without being doped up on whisky I'd go mad with fright" It is a big responsibility and he gets lots of respect from his company. Stanhope drinks to forget things that happen this is a really big point as Sheriff has created a character whose way of dealing with war is to drink. Sheriff has created a character who thinks it is alright to drink and encourages it, he has just had a big argument with Hibbert and starts pouring a drink of whisky "Go on. Drink it. Another example for this is when the raid has taken place and was successful, but as a result Osborne died. ...read more.


Stanhope has different plans and knows that Hibbert is scared so he tries to help him. It results in Hibbert hitting Stanhope trying to get out and go to the doctors. Stanhope could punish him, "God! - You little swine. You know what that means - don't you? Striking a superior officer! By saying this Sheriff shows us that striking a superior is quite serious and leads to being shot. This scene ends in Hibbert being really stubborn and nearly gets himself shot, but Stanhope changes mood and calmly says "Stay here old chap, see it through". Hibbert eventually gets some more courage and goes up into the line. By the end of this play, Osborne and Raleigh have been killed but Stanhope lives. The deaths of Raleigh and Osborne show that war is indiscriminate, and death can occur at anytime to anyone, regardless of age or experience. Raleigh is a young, inexperienced newcomer ready for anything, and Osborne is an experienced senior officer, but they both die within a few days. Journeys End shows the effects of the war on the men involved very realistically. It paints a clear picture in the reader's mind of what it was like in the trenches, and how the men were affected by battle. By Michael Ratcliffe ...read more.

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