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Julie was perfect. She was smart, popular and pretty.

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Julie was perfect. She was smart, popular and pretty. Her naturally blonde hair was professionally styled at least once a week and her size eight figure was always gloved in designer labels heard of only in magazines, brought for her on Daddy's credit card. She was involved within the school teams and clubs, including gymnastics and dance, as well as all of the social clubs and school politics. Jen was far from this. She was what would be referred to as "bad". Her dyed black hair that was worn so that half of her face could not be seen and she always wore uniform black. She was the kind of person that rarely made an appearance at school, let alone at anything extra curricular. She spent her entire life drinking, smoking and getting "high". Dom would have called himself one of the cool guys but everyone else would have called him a jock. He was captain of the football team and head of his gang. They were all members of the football team and spent their free time taunting or punching one another mindlessly. When he was away from his gang, he spent his time acting too cool for anyone else. Brian was one of the cleaver ones. He was a straight A student who enjoyed extra curricular activities like science and chess club. ...read more.


By the second to last evening, he had had enough. He called them all in to his chalet and banned them from spending their last day on the slopes. There was an array of moans and groans but it was clear that Mr. Bowdon's word was final. They were to be supervised by Mr. Bowdon's wife who was not a skier and would have to spend the day with only each other for company. Everyone knew that tomorrow would be hard. They were woken at six in the morning for breakfast, which was to be eaten on a solitary table laid just for the four of them. Jen was the only one to speak through breakfast. She spent the whole time complaining about being stuck with a bunch of losers for the whole day. When they had finished breakfast, they were instructed to go back to their chalet and to stay there until they were told otherwise. "This is so unfair, all I wanted to do was to spend my holiday with my friends, and now I'm stuck in here for the day," Julie whined "Oh shut up princess, just because you can't go running to Daddy!" taunted Jen. "Leave her alone, arguing's a waste of time because you can't walk away, your stuck in here all day whether you like it or not," Said Brian shyly. ...read more.


Her gothic make up was freshly applied to red, blotchy eyes and her infamous army boots had been removed, as had a little bit of her front. "So, what have you done that's so bad?" Jen asked with a friendly smile on her face for the first time. "Well, I've smoked a cigarette and I got a little bit drunk at my cousions wedding," Brian said nervously. "Hey, I know what'll make the day pass quicker!" Jen said with a glint in her eye. With that, Jen ran to her room to fetch something. The others looked at each other nervously. She returned with a tightly wrapped package. "Is that drugs?" Brian asked nervously. "It's only pot, it's not gonna kill ya," Jen said "Well, ok then," Brian said reluctantly. "Are you guys in?" Pushed Jen. Julie and Dom looked at each other. After a few minutes they agreed. They all sat around in a circle and watched Jen expertly roll it. After it was lit, they passed it around. Everyone accept for Jen coughed violently on their first drag, and, after it had been passed around a few times, they were too relaxed to care! They spent hours talking mindlessly and becoming relaxed in each others company until it wore off. When it did wear off, the fronts that they had been putting on for so many years also wore off. ...read more.

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