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Juliet, ' Bride of Death.' Examine her character in the light of this description.

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework Juliet, ` Bride of Death.' Examine her character in the light of this description. A wealthy girl like Juliet would be expected to obey her parents. Juliet would have to listen to anything her parents said. She would be expected to marry at a young age and carry on the family legacy. She would be married off to a rich husband, even though Juliet is about thirteen now, that is why her parents won't marry her to Paris yet. Her father is also protective of her he says' she is the hopeful lady of my earth,' meaning he isn't going to marry her to anyone she doesn't consent to. She also lives in a patriarchal society, so she has to follow men's rules. An Elizabethan audience would like stories that they recognised. They preferred new playwrights and new ways of presenting the play, they didn't mind if it had the same plot to some other play. Their definition of a tragedy would be a tragedy represents flaws and shortcomings which are universal but are emphasised by the stature and nobility of the characters involved. Their definition is greatly reflected by Romeo and Juliet as they both come from wealthy and noble families. In Shakespeare's time there was no such thing as copyright so you would copy work if you liked. ...read more.


She turns aside his request for a kiss with the reflection that religious devotion is satisfied with touching the statue of her saint and with hands clasped in prayer, and that is in prayer that lips express love. When Romeo replies with a request that she `let lips do what hands do? They should pray by touching,' it is finally at near the end the audience would have expected them to kiss. With another exchange of wit, they come to the idea that, as Romeo has purged his sin by this act of devotion, Juliet has now to be cleansed of the sin she has received from him. They are about to kiss when the second sonnet is interrupted by the nurse. The exchange between Benvolio and Romeo, recalls Romeo's earlier prediction, it's echoed in Juliet's line, `My grave is like to be my wedding bed.' From the first appearance of the association of love and death, the love between Romeo and Juliet is marked out not only as exceptional but as doomed, both transcendent and at the mercy of the world. When Juliet says `Prodigious birth of love it is to me.' Her words define this moment of meeting in terms both of birth and of death. Also in the same scene Juliet says `My only love sprung from my only hate,' implying that the two families are enemies, so from this you realise they will be doomed forever. ...read more.


She is now alone, a tragic heroine `my dismal scene I needs must act alone.' Juliet is never posturingly foolish in the way of Romeo but she, too under goes a change. At the beginning she is modest and quiet. When her mother suggests that Paris might make a good husband she replies `I'll look to like, if looking liking more.' She's prepared to be totally guided entirely by her parents. For Juliet, the meeting with Romeo is an awakening to the fact that love is more than final obedience, and with this she discovers a new resolution. She contradicts her promise of obedience by marrying Romeo secretly. She emerges as a strange and practical personality more than Romeo. It's Juliet, who first mentions marriage, and sets Romeo on to arrange it. Her change from the obedient girl to a passionate and romantic lover. The shadow of death which accompanies their love and the idea of tragedy born out of hostile fate. In all acts there is a fight or a death. Death is also just a part of their fate and can't be avoided by them. Its fate and chance that leads to their death and others for example if Friar Lawrence's letter arrived, then maybe there would not have been a fight and Romeo would not have killed himself. Romeo and Juliet is a great play with many literary and descriptive tragic writing makes it into a great tragic piece of writing. By Abdul Khan ...read more.

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