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Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

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Juliet in Romeo and Juliet In the 17th centaury conflict between teenagers and their parents was just as common as they are in today's society, conflicts between parents and their teenage children can be caused from many different reasons one of the most common ones is parents not realising that their teenager have grown up and matured another is maybe the teenager is disobedient and don't listen to their parents teachings and rules these are the two main problems that cores conflict between teenagers and their parents. These reasons for conflict may not accrue in the 17th century Verona In the play Juliet's relationship with her mother is very formal and slightly distant throughout the play I get this felling that Juliet and her mothers relationship is thin and ...read more.


And it is these types of mother daughter things that build great relationships. In the play we do not now much about Juliet's and her fathers relationship but the sense we get is just as negative as her relationship with mother because she addresses her father as "my lord" children tend to get on better with their own sex even if they are family, mothers do much of their daughters upbringing and fathers do most of their sons upbringing The expectations of the Capulet family toward their daughter Juliet dose not suit Juliet because Juliet doesn't want to marry the man that she has been chosen for her she wants to marry for love she wants to pick her own lover I imagine that many teenage girls would agree with ...read more.


Throughout the play we see Juliet grow up we see her bloom from a child to an independent young woman with determination and maturity in the start she dose what her parents says and then eventually she starts to bite back and starts putting forward her own opinions and when she starts showing her parents of her new found maturity they threaten to disown her In conclusion to this essay I think that I have learnt and tried to put forward the point that there has always been conflict between parents and their teenage daughters and son and so there will continue to be conflict between teenagers and their parents Kyran Warner 01/05/2007 English coursework on Romeo and Juliet ...read more.

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