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Juliet's diary

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Juliet's diary Sunday Today has been both amazing and terrible. Amazing because I have fallen in love with a wonderful, handsome man yet terrible as he is a Montague, my one enemy. Mother and father also wish me to marry Paris, one of father friends. Dancing with him tonight he seemed to be very charming. I am sure he is a lovely gentleman but I do not wish to marry him. I have met a man who I do wish to marry, Romeo. He is handsome and kind. We engaged in vows of love. He also wishes to marry me. He is very romantic he said to me "My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." I could not help but fall for him. I met him tonight at my father's party. Even our meeting was romantic our eyes met across the crowed party, he's extremely attractive he made me feel like no man had ever made me feel before. I've always believed in love at first sight, I'm so happy that it's happened to me. ...read more.


I don't want to hurt my father but I'm going to have to be happy. I will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what will happen, all I want at this moment is to be Romeos wife. Monday I'm waiting for nurse to return with news from my love Romeo about our marriage. The wait is unbearable. I don't think she knows what the wait is doing to me I just want to know the news now. I hope she could find him and he hasn't changed his mind. Well this day is nearly over. My earlier troubles of waiting for nurse to return seem so long ago. So much has changed in a day. Romeo and I were married this morning. I can't believe I'm now a married woman. I'm so happy to be Romeos wife. Nurse came with me I was so grateful to have her support, she told mother and father I was going to confession. I'm afraid of what will happen when they find out the truth, that I am now a Montague. ...read more.


I hope some day all of this will be in the past and we can be happy. Sunday Last night was the happiest night of my life. Why did it have to end? Now Romeo has gone and I don't know when I will see him again. I will not let our family's stop us being together. I'm trapped in my own little world thinking up plans to escape and be with my husband. Father thinks I'm morning the death of Tybalt. He's moved my wedding to Paris forward. I will not marry him. Even nurse, who knows me best and knows all about my secret love, thinks I should marry him. I don't love him I love Romeo. I'm going to do everything I can to be with the man I love. Father was very angry this morning when I told him I would not go through with the wedding. My mother had given up on me she said I would be married to my grave. They don't understand I'm in love and I have a husband and we will be together soon. I'm going to see Friar Lawrence I hope he will help us to be together. ...read more.

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