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Juliet's Relationships

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Juliet's relationship with her parents and nurse in act 1 Juliet's relationships with her parents and nurse are very different. Both relationships are strong but Juliet sees them differently. Juliet's relationship with her father is one of great love and protection. Capulet is very protective over his only daughter especially when it comes to seeing her be married. He says; "let two summers wither in their pride, ere we think her ripe to be a bride". Capulet speaks this to Paris as though e is not ready for his daughter to become a woman by marrying Paris. ...read more.


Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet, is someone who seems to respect most of Juliet's decisions and Juliet sees her as someone she should respect in return. Although she is Juliet's mother the bond is not as strong as it was the nurse who brought Juliet up. She does value Juliet's opinion though. "can you like of Paris's love?" this question shows that she does want to know what Juliet's feelings are on the matter, even if she doesn't really value the answer . Lady Capulet also wants her to fall in love with Paris but doesn't force her, as she s her only child, she feels similarly to Capulet at on this matter. ...read more.


The nurse can be rather outspoken but Juliet seems to accept this even if mostly she disagrees. "And I might wish to see thee married once, I have my wish." this is the nurse way of bribing Juliet to come to her senses. The trust between the two is very strong as the nurse was just like her mother to Juliet, now she wants her to be married to see her become a real woman. To conclude, trust and valuing each other makes the relationship between Juliet and the people surrounding her so very strong. Although in Shakespeare's day there was a lot of respect for elders, Juliet is very close to her mother, father and nurse. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Burton ...read more.

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