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Juliets Obituary

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Juliet Capulet Juliet Capulet died on November 1st 2002. She was born in the National Hospital of Verona on 24th July 1988. She died at the age of fourteen. She committed suicide by killing herself with her husband Romeos gun. Juliet led a meaningful life. She was the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. ...read more.


Her nurse has said: "Juliet enjoyed waking up on a school day and loved school. She would come home and tell me 'bout what she had learned. She was always got so excited. I miss her so but I guess her death is just density." Teachers have said that she was a very smart young child. ...read more.


She got pleasure from finally being noticed. She spent very little time with him but loved him dearly. However in death they shall be reunited. Her tragic death brought an end to the feud between the Capulet's and the Montague's. Juliet Capulet was a very sensible and mature girl. She will be missed by Lord and Lady Capulet, The Nurse and the whole of Verona. Juliet Capulet we bid you a heart warming adieu! ...read more.

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