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Julits Dairy

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Dear Dairy, Today was one of the best days of my life. Oh, I am so happy and confused and sad. What to do, I know not. I just got engaged to a man named Romeo. I have to tell you the most exiting news. . . . I'm getting married!!! Oh, can you die of happiness? Let me tell you what happened. Well the day started as I woke up early in the morning full of excitement, with the sun shining through the bedroom window. I just knew that today was going to be such an amazing day - not just because I was going to the party but because I felt something different inside of me today, a feeling that is neither happiness nor sadness, a feeling indescribable. So there I was in my blue sunlit room putting on my shiny pink dress and getting ready for the party. ...read more.


He took me aside and sweet-talked me. I remember every word that was murmured. Our hands touched, and a sharp tingling feeling went through my nerves. During the rest of the party I only had eyes for him and I felt his attention focused on me constantly. We kept gazing at each other. Then just after all the dancing finished we met again. That's when it happened. The moment came, when two hearts race, both win. And that's exactly what happened. We kissed, and murmured beautiful words that will never escape my memory, and then, our hearts leapt again, and we were as one. Just when I was beginning to enjoy myself, my father broke into our fantasy, saying that Mother wanted to see me. Reluctantly, I tore away from him. After I had spoken to my mum I went back out to see Romeo but he wasn't there. I searched and searched for him however I could not find him. ...read more.


I was so delighted I lunged into his arms. At that moment nurse was calling me so I parted with him. I couldn't get to sleep all night thinking about my wedding. I'm really apprehensive that someone might find out. I do not know what to do. But what really makes this all so confusing is that my parents want me to marry Paris. Oh, he's a fine man and all, but I do not love him, and how could I betray my heart when I love another. I love my parents. Truly, I do. But I just can't marry Paris. Especially when my heart cleaves unto another. My guess is that Romeo and I will run away together. Oh, how romantic! I fear that my parents might find out and I can't imagine the horrible thought of what is going to happen if they do find out. Oh Romeo, how deep is my love for him. Pity he's a Montague and not a Capulet. You'll be my only and I will still love you even I the sky is falling down. ...read more.

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