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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar This is the attractive story based on true history of the birth of the Roman Empire, beginning with the brutal murder of their leader, Julius Caesar. Three of the characters show the human traits of being three-dimensional and dynamic, Anthony, Caesar's loyal companion; Cassius, one of the conspirators; and Caesar himself. This story begins from a Caesar's returning from a war. He brings a lot of money, slaves glory. Romans are very proud of him and they all love him. But Brutus, his friend, and Casius are jealous of him and they lead a team of men to conspire and kill the rule of Rome, Julius Caesar. They think that Caesar is too ambition. So along with cd-conspirators they kill him. Immediately after the death of Caesar , Brutus tells Marc Antony that he, too, loved Caesar but this personal tie is not so important as public consideration. ...read more.


Antony also tells lies. "I come to bury Caesar's body, not to praise him" "I speak not to disapprove what Brutus has said" He does this to win the crowd over and to appear to be well meaning and also to win trust and to hide his true motives. Rhetorical questions are used a few times as well.Antony also disprove any cause Brutus gave for killing Caesar."He hath brought many captives home to Rome, he did refuse the crown trice. Was this ambition?" He says "Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?" and "Was this ambitious?" This is to disapprove what Brutus had said and to prove that Caesar wasn't ambitious. A technique that has been used throughout the speech was to tease the citizens with the will. He hints that they have been left great things and to anticipate their gratitude to Caesar. "Tis good you know now that you are his heirs..." ...read more.


Even his loud shouting turns into words of sadness and sympathy as he speaks of Caesar. Marc Anhony used many tactics to get the people to side with him. Sarcasm, irony, reverse psychology, audiovisual affects, and tears are employed in order to persuade the Plebeians that Caesar's assassination was wrong and his death must be avenged by killing the conspirators. Deep in his heart, he feels grief and pain even though he does take advantage of Caesar's death. In literature, characters are often unrealistic, and rarely they portray those special features that make them human. William Shakespeare was one of the few able to create characters with truly human features .His talent for doing this is clearly illustrated in one of his most well known and mentioned above plays "Julius Caesar". In conclusion, I want to admit that Shakespeare truly was an expert at portraying human traits, and all his characters are multifaceted, three-dimensional, and self-motivated. He has set an example for future writers to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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